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I’m a nut about scents. I can tolerate most, but there are some I LOVE! And, of  course, the lotions need to feel smooth and silky and not tacky or drying. My current favorite lotions are Lollia’s In Love (how fitting) and Rodan and Fields’ Essential Body moisturizer. Both go on nicely and smell great! They aren’t harsh like some fragrances. Did you ever talk to someone wearing a fragrance that’s soooo awful that you wanted to head the other way? Has someone wearing an offensive scent hugged you or shook your hand and you were stuck with the dastardly odor? We all have opinions. When I get in the car with my other half while wearing lotion (I no longer wear perfumes or colognes), he will often go, “Ewwww” and wave his hand in horror. He could stick his head in a gym bag and not say a word, but lordy, don’t wear a nice  scent or walk him past the fragrance counter at a store. I think it’s a primal thing.

In the past, I went through tubes or bottles of lotion pretty quickly. I retired at the end of February and what I’ve noticed is that my hands don’t feel dry all the  time. Why did they? Using sub-standard hand soap at work. At home, I use Method gel soaps and I don’t have that annoying dryness anymore. At work, trips to the restroom meant putting on hand lotion many times a day. And I’m sure that annoyed people, since I used scented lotions. I did try to pick something that didn’t have a cloying odor, like Bath and Body’s Twisted Peppermint or Pink Chiffon.

My sister is allergic to scents and I always have to remember not to use products around her. When she comes to my house, I wrap my potpourris in plastic wrap and put away the scented candles. I can’t imagine not being able to tolerate fragrances. When I walk in my neighborhood, I will often pass  something wearing a body lotion or perfume and I like it. Takes my mind of exercise. I think scent is my strongest sense and one thing is certain, I don’t like nasty ones.

My favorite fragrance right  now if Issey Miyake’s Pour Homme Sport. It’s a men’s cologne and I use it to scent the potpourri in my bedroom. The base of the scent is sandalwood and it has a calming effect. It’s woodsy and at night I will often walk over and inhale it before hitting the pillow. I first noticed I liked this scent when I was in a store in England. In fact, sandalwood was in a few stores. When I got back to the states, I went to a fragrance kiosk at the mall in search of a men’s sandalwood cologne. The person didn’t know of any. While at the movie theater one time, there was a man in front of me wearing the perfect scent. I should have asked him, but felt it was an odd thing to do. Then, as luck would have it, I got a Macy’s flyer in the mail with some of those scented samples pieces. That’s how I found Issey. And I love it!



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