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If you’ve read through my posts, you know I LOVE office supplies! Every time I go to Staples or even walk by the office supply section at Kroger, I get a bit excited. I’m always hoping to find some little thing that I don’t have, but positively need! I’m drawn to anything colorful, like Post-its, paper clips, binders, and something simple, like a pen. Good pens are hard to find.

For Christmas, the little man got some new pens and he has been kind enough to put them in our shared stash. You may think, “Pens are pens.” There really are differences and I’m talking merely about inexpensive ones, not Mont Blancs. Usually, I use a standard Bic, which I’ve been using since they started making them, but I often buy new brands and styles, just to try them out, like Paper Mate. My better half got a package of Paper Mate Profiles and let me tell you, it writes like buttah! It’s soooo smooth! It glides across the paper like Dorothy Hamill on skates.

I bought new pens for work, since we only get horrible standard issue varieties, and they basically scratch the paper as I write. Never a good thing. My penmanship is bad as it is and an inferior pen makes it worse. So, what did I do? I bought more of the Profile pens for me to use on the job! Signing my name has never been easier! Way better than the old felt tips, that I used to think were boss and certainly better than the old Bic sticks.

Do I have a slight obsession with writing materials? Perhaps. Actually, I use a pencil more than I use pens and believe me, some pencils are way better than others, just like pens!

My roll top desk has three small drawers, perfect for my hordes of pens, pencils, and markers. Can you really have too many?


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