Happy 2016!

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This has been my busiest year that I can recall. It just seems like the time has flown by and I know that’s said for those of us reaching old age, but it was sooooo true for me this year. When I got home from our Christmas visits to our children and grandchildren, I put my traveling suitcase inside the larger one and happily zipped it closed. This surprised me, because I do like to travel, but right now, I’m kinda over it. Plus, I’m out of travel size products.

Thinking back over the years that I’ve been doing this blog, so many products, stores, etc. are still my all-time favorites, like Oregon Chai and Target. Oregon Chai is the reason I’m still a few pounds heavier than I should be (I did get a new treadmill!), but I still find a cup of hot chai comforting, especially when I’m at work. And if you’ve never been to a Target store, it’s hard to know the difference in big box stores, but there is a big difference! Target does it all so incredibly well and right. The brightly lit stores, wide aisles, interesting items along with everyday necessities, and now they even carry Beekman 1802 products, which I also love. Plus, the stores don’t smell bad. And you can’t go wrong with a Target Red credit card. I save 5% on every purchase, it comes right off the bill, plus I always get free shipping. Believe me, when I bought my patio furniture online, it was a great savings. I even buy clothing there. Their Merona brand is a nice line. What’s not to love?

This is, I hope the countdown to my last year of employment outside the home. I’m always thinking about my next stage of life, what I really want to do, and how I should proceed. I’m currently reading, Uncover Your Calling: Work Reimagined by Richard Leider and David Shapiro. I do think I should know what I want to be, but I’m not there yet. It’s one reason why I think it’s pretty odd to expect an 18-year-old to know what he/she wants to be when they leave high school, when I know plenty of adults who have no clue. Maybe the book will help me figure it out. We’ll see. But that said, I really want to spend more time with my family and my four grandsons. They’re growing up fast and I feel like I’m missing out.

I will continue to post more of my favorite things in the coming year. There is always something new to love!

I hope, dear readers, that your new year brings you good health, stable finances, joy, and the quest for engaging with people, new cultures, and art of discovery!





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