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What do I do when I have a few minutes to waste? Surf Zillow! Not familiar with it this website? It shows homes for sale all over the country and includes prices of existing homes, so you can get a better feel for a neighborhood, if you’re considering buying or listing your house. Or, you can just look at the homes to see how much people paid, which homes are in foreclosure, or daydream about buying that perfect beach house! They have aerial views to let you see what the house and neighborhood actually look like (Is that a dump? Are those railroad tracks? Wow, it’s only a few blocks from the beach!)

I love looking at houses and if someone would pay me to do that, it would be my full-time job. I’ve always loved the West…Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, so the other night, I spent some time on my iPad looking at homes. In Wyoming, near the Tetons or Jackson, I couldn’t find a single house I really liked and price was not an issue! I was looking for a log home that epitomized the ruggedness of the West and I didn’t see one. That surprised me. I thought for sure there would be one stunner that blew me away. I’m sure there is one, but it’s not currently on the market where I could see the interior. Every one I looked at needed changes. Granted, it’s personal preference when it comes to houses, but I was shocked that even up to $20 million, I didn’t see something that met my expectations. But, it’s free to look, so I’ll check out Colorado and Montana. Not that I’m going to buy there, as it’s tooooo cold in the winter for my likes, but with Zillow, it’s fun to see what’s out there.

I was on Zillow this morning while eating my baked oatmeal and I noticed that since I bought my house in 1998, it’s gone up about $33K. Looking at my brother’s house, because he lives in one of the priciest areas of the country, the house he bought in 2012 has gone up about $200,000. Zillow’s price estimates are a guess, but probably in the ballpark. That’s unreal to me that in such a short time, he will already make a big profit, whereas in my area, housing has been flat…which seems to be my luck in any place I’ve lived.  Another thing that amazes me, is watching shows like House Hunter’s, where even couples in their 30s, in  California, have budgets of $950,000. Not sure what their salaries are, but they must be a whole lot more than where I live. With Zillow, you can see the price of the house and get a peek at what the mortgage might be and even what the home might rent for, if you are an investor.

If nothing else, it is fun to be able to look at tons of properties for decorating ideas. Styles vary around the country and it’s evident in the photos. Zillow.com is the website and I use the app on my devices. As my grandma always said, “If you’re going to dream, dream big” and I do that by looking at homes. I may never get the 7000 sq. ft. house of my dreams, but I can look at them. Actually, right now, I’m into tiny homes, but I heard that someone hooked up a vehicle and stole one! I’m going to need a BIG anchor!


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