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I have a heightened sense of smell. Sometimes, it’s a good thing, but other times, I’m almost sorry, like when there’s a rotten potato in my bin or someone (who shall not be named) leaves a rather unpleasant fragrance in the bathroom. That being said, I LOVE pleasant fragrances! There are plenty out there, like Method’s Fresh Air laundry soap, Issey Miyake  L’eau D’issey Pour Homme Sport (calming sandalwood), flowers like daffodils and lily of the valley, and so many more.

I was surprised to find that I actually like a lot of the Bath and Body Works fragrances. (When my other half walks by that store, he waves his hand in front of his face and refuses to go in. When he walks by the perfume counters at department stores, he holds his breath. It doesn’t bother me, but then, I like potpourri and even some of the scented candles.) What are my favorites at Bath and Body? Unfortunately, they no longer carry my all-time fav, Dark Kiss in my store. I loved it and so did my mom. It is available online. I do like Pink Chiffon, Midnight Amethyst, White Citrus, Be Enchanted, and a bunch of others. I like that you can get the soap and the lotion and at Christmas, I’m addicted to the Twisted Peppermint, which smells so tasty I was to eat it! I still have some left from this past holiday and I’m going to bring it to work. I’m sure my co-workers will want to know, “Who smells like candy?” It will be me!

The best part is that they are reasonably inexpensive, especially when they are having a sale…which seems like a lot of the time. You can buy soaps, lotions, body butters (great for winter!), candles, and they have a men’s line, too. My son always uses the Whitewater Rush body wash. If you don’t mind fragrances, it’s a great place to sample some scented products and find something that appeals to you.


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