Noosa Yoghurt

May 25, 2015 at 5:28 pm Leave a comment

There’s a new yogurt in town. Well, at least for me, since I never heard of it prior to April. It’s Australian-style yog(h)urt that’s made in Bellvue, Colorado. No artificial preservatives, sweetened with honey (and cane sugar), and the fruit is picked seasonally at peak ripeness. It is yummy!

I eat yogurt at least a few times a week and my previous choice was Chobani, and prior to that I was eating Fage. Like Erlich Bachman pointed out on Silicon Valley, it is hard to get all the fruit sauce out of the tiny Fage container. I often resorted to using the end of the spoon handle, but still couldn’t manage to get out as much as I wanted. That frustration, and the tart taste of the yogurt, led me back to Chobani and from my visiting British houseguests, giving Noosa a try.

Unfortunately, Noosa is more fattening than I’d like (140 calories), but it is soooo creamy! I love the tart cherry flavor and even the blueberry is great. At first, I was buying the hummus size containers and having to scoop the appropriate amount into yet another container to take to work, but then, I found four-packs next to the larger size at the store. The little 4-oz. container is pretty, pretty small, but I am managing not to eat my hand off at the end of the day, as long as I eat a handful of almonds and a few Halos along with a bottle of water. It’s really only about 1.3 ounces smaller than the Chobani. They need to branch out and give me the strawberry rhubarb, passion fruit, and coconut flavors in the four-pack!noosa






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