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In addition to loving shoes and purses…I LOVE jackets! I have too many to count and that hasn’t gone unnoticed by my other half. That said, I did buy a new one a few weeks ago that he hasn’t commented on. He has seen me wear it, but perhaps he thinks it old. He did say that the Eddie Bauer bill seemed higher than normal. Ooops.

Why do I love jackets? Well, like shoes and purses, you do need different jackets for different occasions. I have always loved peacoats. I got my first one when I was in high school. Back then, it was about the style and having lived in the frigid north, it would have been nicer to have a down jacket, but they weren’t really sold back then. I wore a wool peacoat that did have a quilted lining, but it was never really warm. No Thinsulate back then either (Wouldn’t down, Thinsulate, and Sorel boots have saved the Donner party?). And, because I cared about how I looked, I didn’t wear a hat. Stupid me. To this day, the tops of my ears hurt when it’s cold or windy outside, even in the spring. But, it was all about the look. Zero degrees, standing outside for long periods of time wearing a light wool jacket, no hat, and thin gloves. No wonder I was cold all the time.

Soooo, as a result, I buy jackets to keep me warm. My favorites are:

  • a bronze colored down jacket I got about three years ago from Eddie Bauer. I love it because it has a fleece-lined inner collar and fleece-lined pockets. Why don’t all down jackets have that? No more chill on the neck and when you don’t quite need gloves, it’s so nice to warm up the fingers in pockets that aren’t just slick polyester. The cut is flattering and not like typical puffy coats. I did look for this jacket in black at the end of the season and should have bought one, but I was thinking of the little man’s “Just because it’s on sale and it’s an extra 50% off, it’s still money out of my pocket” comments.
  • a navy wool peacoat. I don’t wear this as much, but I still love it. Peacoats just stay in style. I am on my third one. They hold up a long time, but my current one only has a thin lining. It’s not often frigid where I live, but I really appreciate the down jacket when it is.
  • a black down jacket – yes, it’s the one I just bought from Eddie Bauer. It’s great, because it’s not overly heavy, but because it has windproof fabric, it keeps me warm. I like that it has a detachable hood and fake fur collar. Sometimes, when it is windy and snowy, it’s really nice to have a hood. I still don’t wear hats. I do have headbands, gaiters, and ear pops. I have learned my lesson over the years.
  • a navy sweatshirt jacket from Eddie Bauer that is a bit longer and has a cinched in back with a tie. I like it for in between seasons. It’s perfect with jeans and a bit dressier than a typical zip-front sweatshirt.
  • a brown corduroy quilted jacket from Eddie Bauer. I bet you’re seeing a store trend here. Most of my wardrobe comes from EB. I love this jacket for fall. It’s great with jeans or khakis and has cute detailing. The sad part is that my purse strap is wearing away some of the cord rips over time. I often wish Bauer would bring back some of my favorite items. This would be one.
  • a navy rain jacket from Eddie Bauer. I normally don’t buy rain jackets, because I rarely need them, but I was going to England in the spring and figured it would be a wise purchase. I love it for here, but next time I go there, I’m getting a rain jacket with a hood.
  • a silver light-weight quilted down jacket from Landsend. It’s perfect for days when it’s cold, but not too cold. It’s packable right into the pocket and you can still buy this one in other colors.

Other jackets I have on hand are a brown wool peacoat, a black wool jacket, a tan spring jacket (rarely need this), a black quilted jacket (great fall weight), a black rain jacket (hand-me-down from my daughter), a denim Levi jacket (hand-me-down from my son), a brown corduroy jacket (often forget I have it), a black leather motorcycle jacket (don’t wear it, but can’t toss it), a royal blue spring jacket (should toss this), an olive green suede jacket (probably should ditch this), and a few more hanging in the closet. I have tossed many over the years, but keep on buying more. Unless you live in an area that is really warm all the time, you do need them – no matter what the little man says.


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