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I’m rather sad that Christmas is over and that means no more eggnog until next year. I love eggnog! I know, I know…for some of you, this drink ranks right up there with your dislike for fruitcake, but perhaps it’s because you’ve never had good eggnog or you’ve tried some eggnog treat that really didn’t even resemble the real thing (though I like Ghirardelli chocolate, their eggnog candy doesn’t take like eggnog to me). And, there are plenty of not-so-good products out there.

Which do I prefer? Well, generally, I like Trauth, the local dairy version, but couldn’t get any this year, because I didn’t know it was now marketed under the Reiter brand. As a result, I bought Kroger. It’s o-kay. Then, while I was at Whole Foods, I picked up their 365 brand and found it better than Kroger’s. I don’t like trumped up eggnog, in other words, I wish manufacturers wouldn’t add a bunch of nutmeg or spices to a bottled product, because it’s generally overdone. I prefer to add more spices on my own. And usually, it’s not necessary.

As a kid, I liked my mom’s homemade eggnog (yes, the eggs are raw, but hey, I ate cookie dough growing up and I’m still here) or Tom and Jerry’s (eggs are heated, thus safer and the addition of brandy is tasty). I still like my mom’s, but since I’m not at her house during the holidays, I don’t have that option. Yes, I could make my own, but I don’t take the time. Too much else to do. In the past, I have even indulged in the Borden eggnog in a can. It’s an acquired taste, but as a kid, I liked it. Don’t know that I would now. I did see Kroger had it on the shelf. But, I wanted something fresher. I forgot to look at Trader Joe’s when I was there, because they may have had their own variety. The eggnog from the dairy section is already chilled and ready to pour and serve.

One of my favorite holiday traditions is to write out my Christmas cards while sipping eggnog with a splash of Captain Morgan’s rum or brandy. Yum! It’s sooo rich and creamy. And, I’m getting the health benefits of calcium and protein! I managed to slug down a carton of eggnog, some of it straight up, so I could share sips with my grandsons, who are also big fans. Hmmm, is that why I came down with the flu? And by that time, I was out of eggnog. 😦  Farewell thee eggs and cream! Let’s see, 11 months to wait. It’s like waiting for Beekman 1802 fruitcake (won’t be available until November).


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