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I love interior design, architecture, and even looking at nicely done landscaping, so home shows are right up my alley. Going to them gives me a chance to see innovative ideas, color combinations, and often what’s new in design. My area has a show going on right now and I’m heading over to see the houses this week.

The best one I ever went to was in Cincinnati about 10 years ago and featured about 15 houses. After a while, it is hard to keep track of what you see when there are that many, but still fun. I didn’t have a smart phone back then, so I couldn’t snap photos of what I liked, but I will have it with me this time. What do I dislike about featured homes? Poor or incomplete decorating. Hello? Isn’t that part of the event? I think so.

Something I find interesting about the shows is the price of the homes. The last one I went to in Cincy about eight years ago featured ’empty nester’ homes in the $550-800K range. Really? My current house isn’t anywhere near that. Granted, I live in an area where housing is reasonable, but still. I don’t plan on spending that much on a house when I retire. Though prices in the U.S. vary by region, as of June 2014, the median prices were:

  • Northeast – $256,700
  • Midwest – $165,900
  • South – $184,800
  • West – $297,500

Funny, but none of those prices are close to those empty nester homes from eight years ago. The market was inflated at that time, but by that much?

I imagine that most of the people who go to home shows want to see how the other half lives and not with the intent of buying. Most likely, if you can afford to purchase a show house, you can build one that is exactly what you want, down to the fixtures. I have rarely seen one that 100% fits the bill for me, but I have come away with ideas that I have used in my house. And, the bottom line? It’s fun to look. If I could just find a job where someone would pay me to look at houses…


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