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Are there days when you wish you could be somewhere else? Perhaps it’s a place you’ve been or surely a place you would like to visit. I just read the other day that even when you can’t go anywhere, thinking about it can be almost as positive for you as going in person.

I was sitting in the backyard today reading a book and when I closed my eyes and listened to the birds chirping, I was picturing myself sitting on a fallen log in the deep green of the north woods (and I wasn’t swatting mosquitoes), sitting on a bench overlooking Green Bay in Door County, WI (eating an ice cream cone from Wilson’s), gazing over the Tuscan countryside (with a good glass of red wine), and even rocking gently in a boat floating in the harbor in Copenhagen (waiting for the sun to come up, so I could have a pastry). It made me smile, even though I was no where by my own backyard.

And I’m not saying my backyard is bad. I did finally buy some nice patio furniture, so I am enjoying more than just looking out the window at the backyard, like previous years. It’s purely heaven to lie on the sofa looking up at the blue sky as a gentle breeze cools me. I truly can’t ask for more than that, but it is nice to toss in the thoughts of being anywhere. Try it!


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