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The other day, I was thinking about how I rarely ever watch a movie on HBO. They are generally old ones I have no interest in or I’ve already seen them in the theater. It’s rare for me to watch a movie multiple times, unless I REALLY love it. But, I do watch a bunch of HBO series.

Which ones do I love? All of Chris Lilley’s shows; Angry Boys, Summer Heights High, and Jamie Private School Girl. I also love Curb Your Enthusiasm, Flight of the Conchords, Getting On, Real Time with Bill Maher, The Comeback, Game of Thrones, and my new favorite is Silicon Valley.

If you haven’t seen any of the Lilley shows, I have blogged about them before, so you can read my earlier post. I’ve also covered Curb Your Enthusiasm. The Lilley shows are a bit rude and crude at times, but Chris’ characters are so diverse and well-developed (he plays lots of roles, including my favorite, Jonah Takalua. I hear his next series will feature this character). I love Larry David on Curb. He’s such a jerk, but he says the things most people think and covers topics that annoy all of us, like waiting at the doctor’s office or people who take up multiple parking spaces. I’m very sad that he is not continuing this series.

  • Flight of the Conchords featured two Kiwi’s who are in the music business and living in the US. They are bit lame, but their quirkiness is what I find endearing. Plus, I like their accents.
  • Getting On was introduced to me by my friend Cheryl and once again, the quirky characters who work in a hospital are engaging. It’s funny, but in a subtle way.
  • The Comeback is an older series featuring Lisa Kudrow. Her character is a former star trying to get back into show business. I never watched Friends, but I really enjoy her shows, including Web Therapy (on Showtime, but also found online), and the ancestral research show, Who Do You Think You Are?
  • I love Bill Maher, because he’s very outspoken and often mirrors my sentiments on politics. But my favorite part of the show is “New Rules” where he pokes fun at the news.
  • I have spent the better part of this past winter catching up on all the episodes of Game of Thrones. I have not read the books, nor am I a fan of that time in history, but I have gotten into it. I do think there is a bit too much gratuitous sex, and so much bloody violence that after a while, you barely notice it. I find that disturbing, since I feel like it desensitizes us. But, I’m hooked on the story line. It’s the first series I’ve ever watched that kills off lots of main characters. I was realllllly happy to see Joffrey go! And, I love Tyrion!
  • Silicon Valley is so good and I’m sorry the season is almost over. I think the finale is this week. The show is about a group of guys living in a house in Silicon Valley who have created a multi-platform technology that is on the cusp of being the next big thing. Once again, quirky characters, but because I relate to geeks, I think it’s funny. If you know any IT geeks, you know these characters.

I do want to watch The Newsroom and Veep, so I have enough series to keep me busy for some time to come. There are other HBO series that look good, too. I hope they continue this streak of making entertaining shows.


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