The Incredible Dr. Pol

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I do not watch a ton of TV, as you know, but while exercising or taking a break on the weekends, I do like to veg and catch some shows I find interesting. Dr. Pol on Nat Geo Wild is one of them. As a kid, I wanted to be a veterinarian, until I found out I’d have to spend at least seven years in college…since I wasn’t fond of school in the first place, I nixed that idea. This show, about a Michigan vet grabbed my interest right away. It’s my way of seeing what I’ve been missing out on.

What is the show about? Dr. Pol’s practice. His wife runs the office, and his son Charles produces and acts as his sidekick helper. Dr. Brenda and Dr. Sandra are other vets in the practice and we often see them on the job. What’s interesting about his practice? It’s more than animals coming in for shots. It’s about a wide variety of office visits, everything from routine visits to his seeing an alligator. He has amazing skills with diagnosing all manner of illnesses, and as a result, you start to pick up tips on animal behavior, which has always been of interest to me.

The part of the show I like the best are the farm visits. It’s shocking to see the number of cows that can’t deliver calves or have twisted stomachs. I had no idea those things happen on a daily basis. Dr. Pol can generally tell right away what’s going on and it often involves using the calf puller to extract a baby or a needle and thread to tie a stomach to the hide so it can’t get twisted again. Dr. Pol has no fear of animals and thinks absolutely nothing of sticking his arm into a uterus to tell if an animal is pregnant or to check the condition of a calf during labor.

What have I learned? Holding a cow’s tail up in the air will help keep it from backing up on you. If you have a cow with a twisted stomach, roll it over. If your cow or horse is in labor and nothing is happening, don’t wait too long to call the vet – call within a day or two. If the cow is not willing to get up…call the vet. Look at an animals gum color, if it’s really pale, that’s a problem…call the vet. Keep your animal’s vaccinations up to date.

Aside from learning more about animals, it’s entertaining. I love Dr. Pol’s laugh and his Dutch accent. Charles also adds a lot of levity to the show.

Two other animal shows I like are Shear Madness about Natalie Redding and her sheep farm, and anything with Cesar Millan. He is amazing with dogs! He can watch them for a little while and tell what’s going on with them and what to do to correct behavior. Bottom line…your dog should not be the pack leader in your household. And…I just saw there’s a new series coming about a vet in the Yukon…you know what that means…another show for the old DVR.


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