Crest Glide Comfort Plus Dental Floss

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I know…going to the dentist is not fun. And going to the dentist and having him/her ask, “Do you floss?” is one of those questions many people fib about. Did you know the dentist can see your nose grow? So, Pinocchio, there’s a way to end those little, white lies…Crest Glide Mint Floss.

Flossing is somewhat annoying. If you’re not careful, you can pop down into your gum, which leaves your mouth sore. If you don’t do it well enough, it’s almost like not doing it at all. You do need to gently run down the side of each tooth and into the tissue that supports it, but carefully. There’s almost nothing worse than a sore mouth.

Why do I like the Crest Glide? It’s smooth. It easily glides between my teeth, unlike some of the floss I’ve used, which tears and shreds and gets stuck between my teeth. That’s worse than not flossing at all. And I do prefer the minty flavor over no flavor. It’s one reason I floss more often.

Here’s a link from Oral B on how to floss properly –

You can use dental picks or those devices that hold the floss for you, but I find the old-fashioned method works best for me.

I know this site is all about my favorite things, but one of my pet peeves is a hygienist who basically wraps the floss around her and jumps into your mouth. Noooo, the object isn’t to rip my gums in two. The hygienist I have now if perfect. She does a great job cleaning my teeth and is gentle with the floss.


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