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I find myself getting sucked into hours of TV when the Olympics are on. I generally like sports like gymnastics, speed skating, and figure skating, but I will actually sit and watch pretty much whatever is on…including curling or hockey. I pretty much just start rooting for the home team, though I did like the Dutch sweep in speed skating and the young Japanese figure skater, Yuzuru Hanyu. There are plenty of sports that are surprisingly interesting to watch. Who knew I’d like skeleton?

I was quite disappointed that Shani Davis didn’t do better. I sat there watching lots of other stuff last night, because I didn’t want to miss his race. I was hopeful he’d place in the 1500. I guess it wasn’t the suit. It was sad to Evgeni Plushenko drop out. He coulda been a contenda! And it was most disheartening to see Katie Uhlaender not make the podium…stop and think about how we let seconds go by and think nothing of it, but in her race, infinitesimal time is everything. Athletes work for years and years and these moments are over in a heartbeat.

What I find interesting is that so few people I know are even watching at all. Most people, when I ask, just shrug and say they’re not interested. I was thinking maybe I was in the wrong by wanting to watch. So much money is poured into the venues that may end up ghost towns, which is sad, but for a short while every few years, we get to experience a beautiful show and some mighty fascinating athleticism. It’s a time when most of the world comes together in peace to strut their stuff.


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