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I am a bit of an Internet junkie. I spend a lot of time online, both for work reasons and personal pleasure. I’m either checking email, Twitter, playing Word Feud, looking at People online, or checking for status updates on Facebook and Twitter. I do check those last two multiple times a day, primarily because they are apps on my phone and it’s easy to do.

I like catching up with people, though it’s not as personal as an email, it’s still an update about what friends are up to. Yes, sometimes, it’s nothing but posts about things people have read, funny sayings or pictures, but it’s like opening a mailbox and instead of cobwebs, finding something there. Does that sound pathetic? Perhaps. But I do enjoy seeing pictures of friends, information about what’s going on in their lives, and even a few George Takei re-posts. I don’t care to see “Click on Like so this person can have a million Likes.” I really like personal stuff the best.

I heard today that Facebook is going away as of 2017. We’ll see. Teens are dropping it, because their parents are on it.  Duh? Parents want to know what their kids are doing. What will be the next big thing? I’m not sure. I do have a Google+ account, but most of my friends don’t. Talk about cobwebs in my news feed…

I owe Twitter an apology. About three or four years ago, I thought Twitter would be a passing fancy. It would never make it. Who wanted to hear friends write, “I got up this morning and drank a cup of tea and had a really good donut. It was really good.” O-kay. I couldn’t see Twitter going forward with the 140 character limit and people tweeting about a bunch of nothing, because you’d start a tweet and then, just as you’d be getting to the good part – BAM! Out of characters. What changed my mind? I was watching one of the weather disasters and low and behold, CNN started posting tweets, because the tweeters were at the site of the disaster posting what they saw…faster than news people could get there. It gave Twitter a new role (#twitterrocks). The nice part is that you can follow people and never really post anything. I follow lots of people…Tom Silva from This Old House, Goldie Hawn (I like her MindUp project), The Beekman Boys, Steve Martin, Samantha Brown from The Travel Channel, Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey, Crate and Barrel, my local Whole Foods, Groupon, my darling daughter, and others. It’s fun to see what people are sharing and you can find out sales from your favorite stores!

Like a TV show? Chances are they have a live Twitter feed during the show that you can access with your account and the # followed the by show’s name. Hashtags are a way to find the information you’re seeking. I sometimes check the feed during the Real Housewives’ shows…#RHONJ or #RHOBH. Is it earth shattering information? No, but it can be entertaining. I even watch the feeds during awards shows to see what others are chatting about while the stars are on the red carpet or on stage.

Both Facebook and Twitter have their advantages. Looking for an old boyfriend or classmate? You can do more than just Google stalk people, try Facebooking them. Want to know what’s happening when breaking news interrupts your day? Try Twitter with a hastag. In spite of what many people say about social networking, these two can play a helpful or fun role in your life. They do in mine.


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