Doing Laundry

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Oh, I bet this will raise some groans, as most of the people I know hate doing laundry. I actually like it. To me, it’s wonderful to have an empty laundry basket in the closet and everything ironed and put away. If this is a chore to you, don’t put it off. Make it a priority in the new year and get it done each week and put everything away. There’s nothing better than wearing clothes that have a clean, fresh scent and look like new!

I like doing laundry once a week. Some people, like my mom, do it daily. Pick what works best, unless it’s ‘do it when I have nothing clean to wear.’ That’s a no-no. Another no-no is pulling dirty clothes from the hamper, spraying them with cologne or Febreze and wearing them again. Laundry is not a bad task, providing you don’t let it get the best of you. Once you have a mountain of clothing to wash, it becomes a monumental task.

Since you know I’m a neat-freak, I prefer to sort the laundry into three piles; whites/lights, medium colors, and dark colors. Why is it important to sort? Well, once I turned all my whites pale blue by washing the little man’s royal blue fleece robe in that load. Big mistake. I didn’t think the color would bleed, but it did. I learned a valuable lesson that day. Don’t bother sorting your laundry into like piles? Your whites won’t stay white if you don’t.

Other than sweaters, I always wash new clothes before wearing them. This is especially important when it comes to dark colors. New jeans can turn your skin blue, if you don’t take the time to wash them. All children’s clothing should be washed before wearing. Who knows what chemicals are still on the fabric?

So, sort the laundry into appropriate piles. Use a good quality detergent, like Method. You can pretreat with a variety of products, like the Clorox pen, Fels-Naptha, or Resolve. I do use dryer sheets in the dark load, particularly if there are knit or fleece items in it. I tumble items for 15 minutes, remove the items I still like to line dry in my basement (my slacks, jeans, sweaters, and knit shirts) to keep from shrinking or fading, and finish drying the rest. Remove the items from the dryer as soon as possible to prevent wrinkling. Fold the clothing right away, so it’s not getting wrinkled from sitting in the basket. And this is your mother talking…put the clothes away! Chairs, beds, sofas, and floors are not appropriate storage places.

It really doesn’t take that much time, if you take care of the laundry on a weekly basis. You can fold it while you’re watching your favorite TV show or movie and put it away during the commercials. If you have children, get them into the habit of putting away their laundry. Don’t forget to teach high schoolers how to do this lifelong task. They also need to learn how to iron.


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