Christmas Decorations

December 15, 2013 at 5:44 pm

The holidays are almost here and they always take me back to my childhood. I remember the excitement of Christmas and though I don’t have that level of emotion for the holidays any longer, I still enjoy the season. As I drive around town and see all the bright lights, plastic figurines, and blow-up characters, I’m reminded how back in the olden days, decorations weren’t much more than a tree, a wreath (often crafted with dry cleaner bags), and candles. My mom could have the house decorated in nothing flat, compared to the days I spend making the house look festive.

Do we really need all the ‘stuff’ we have today? No, but it can make this time of year prettier. I still like to drive around, just to look at decorations. As my son would say, some people’s stuff looks tacky, but even houses that are festooned in lights and yard décor I would never put out, it still adds to the merriment of the season. There is someone near my house that puts up tons of lights, full-size houses like Santa’s workshop, and even has a polar bear mountain. I have tried to photograph it, but it’s such a huge display and the bright lights make it difficult.

I appreciate the time he must spend putting it up every year and I do make a point to go by to see if he has anything new. He’s not alone. So many people make the effort to add interest to their home during the holidays. Our house is generally a wreath with white lights and I do put up four trees (don’t tell my other half, but I will be looking for a few more after Christmas). One of the trees is always fresh, because I want that evergreen scent. Even though I may complain about the time it takes, the end result always makes me happy. There’s just something magical about the lights, ornaments, and even the bayberry candles that add to this rather dreary weather time of year.

Oh, and though most people like snow at Christmas, I’m just fine without it. Okay, okay, when the lights are shining on outside trees and they have a dusting of snow, it does look beautiful. But, as soon as Christmas Day is over? Bye, bye cold weather.


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