Malts and Floats

October 19, 2013 at 4:58 pm Leave a comment

Darn…it’s getting chilly outside and that means I must put malts and floats off my radar for a while. Mind you, I don’t drink a lot of them, due to the high calories, but in the warm weather, there are times I’d rather have a chocolate malt or a root beer float for dinner instead of a meal.

I’m not a huge ice cream fan. but put a few scoops in a glass and cover it with root beer (I know you’re surprised, but I’m really not picky about root beer. I’ll use A & W, Stewart’s, generic…), and I’m in heaven. As a kid, I made floats with just about any flavor soda. What did I learn? White soda beverages don’t make the best floats. Cherry, orange, grape, and cream soda work equally well with vanilla ice cream. Now that I think of it, I’ve never tried chocolate ice cream in a float. It would probably be really good with Pepsi or another cola.

I’ve been drinking malts forever. There was a time when I liked vanilla over chocolate, but not anymore. I really prefer chocolate. And, I know you knew this was coming…what really annoys me, is when I order a malt and someone gives me a shake. There is a big difference…malt powder! Shakes have none. The Carnation malt powder adds so much character to ice cream and milk. My daughter eats chocolate malt powder sprinkled on her ice cream. That’s how much she likes it.

When I was young, we generally had a big meal on Sunday afternoon, so dinner was often popcorn and hot chocolate in the winter or popcorn with malts in the summer. Some may scoff at that, but I loved it. And back then, we popped the corn and poured melted butter over it and boy, if you got a piece of popcorn with no butter on it, you complained to Mom and she melted more. I wasn’t spoiled. 🙂

Well, I guess it’s time to drag out the Ovaltine. I just can’t picture myself in a wool hat and mittens drinking a malt or float. Hurry summer!


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