Nature Made Vitamin Supplements

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I’ve been on vacation…one of my favorite things! It’s so nice to be able to take a break from the normal routine and be in a place where the air is cleaner and the sky is bluer! Bought the little man a Packer cap at the airport. He has a ton of baseball caps, but not one from the home state. When he went to try it on, we found out that the G lights up. Pretty funny.

Oh, yes, back to my topic…I found out a while back that I was low on vitamin D. I had no clue, but it was so low that I had to take prescription D to get it back up. My doctor recommended Caltrate as a way to get calcium and vitamin D, so I bought some. I bought the gummy variety and they were tasty to take, but pricey, so I tried Nature Made. They are equally tasty and a bit less expensive.

Since I have to continue to take them or move to Hawaii (this would be my preference), I started looking for a lower cost alternative. I tried Vitafusion’s White Chocolate Raspberry, Vanilla Bean, and Chocolate. That sure sounded yummy, but they were so nasty tasting, I ended up tossing them after two days. What a disappointment and waste of money.

Nature Made’s Calcium with Vitamin D gummies taste fruity, like gummy candy. Keep them out of the hands of children! They taste that good. And rather than a solid pill, I find these easier to take. I also take their Vitamin B supplement and though I know I should do fish oil, the gummy fish version still tastes a bit too fishy for me. I tried killing the taste with the gummy calcium and it just ruined the whole fruity experience. Next time, I’ll chew the gummy fish oil ones really fast and follow it with the gummy calcium. But, if you’re like me and not a fan of taking any pill or you tend to forget to take your vitamins, give the gummy version a try.


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