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I LOVE rabbits! I think they’re adorable, though this year, they have been a bit annoying outside, because they’ve eaten all the flowers I planted in the front garden. But, they can’t help that they LOVE my floral choices. We have had a handful of them hanging out in the back yard all summer. Mostly, they are near the apple tree and I would appreciate it if they would eat the fallen fruit or the weeds in the grass, but they don’t seem overly interested in those. They much prefer my flowers.

I’ve loved rabbits ever since I was about three or four years old and did an art project in Sunday school. The teacher drew a rabbit on a piece of construction paper and I glued on a cotton ball where the bunny tail belonged. I liked the softness of the cotton ball. As a teen, I had a rabbit as a pet. They do not make good pets in my opinion. I’m sure there are exceptions to the rule, but mine didn’t really like being held and if I let him run around the house, he was hard to catch. I named ‘him’ Napoleon and only found out much later, that he was a she, after a litter of babies was delivered. Ooops.

Mostly, I collect inanimate rabbits because I think they’re cute. Be careful when you mention that you collect something, because you will get lots and lots of items. If you’re like me, you will have specific tastes when it comes to your collection. I prefer tiny ones. The nice part of this hobby is that rabbits are easily found and inexpensive. I have stuffed ones, too. TheyP1010225 do seem to multiply…like rabbits!


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