Minute Tapioca

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I haven’t made this in a long time, because I generally don’t think about it and it’s got calories I don’t need. But, last weekend, I was feeling puny and the food that came to mind was Minute Tapioca, one of my favorite comfort foods. LIke Old Mother Hubbard, I went to the cupboard, but alas, there was only a tiny amount left in the box…not enough to make a batch. Argh! Why is it that when you want something, and you think you have it, you go to the pantry and find you have none? In my case, it’s generally because my other half has already devoured whatever it is that I’m craving and I am now disappointed and scrounging for something else. To his defense, he didn’t eat the hard tapioca pearls. He doesn’t even like it when it’s cooked.

When I was at the grocery store on Friday, I looked and looked for the familiar red box. Hmmm, didn’t see it by the puddings. Didn’t see it by the pie fillings (it’s often used as a thickener). Didn’t see it anywhere in the baking aisle. I was getting frustrated, because how could my store not have tapioca? Well, on the bottom shelf, near the puddings, I bent down and there in the way back were a few boxes. Obviously, lots of people have also had cravings of late. I had to get down on my hands and knees in order to reach a box. As I bent down, I saw the price label on the shelf…$4.75. What? $4.75? Seriously? For a small box of Minute Tapioca? The little man’s favorite cereal is $4.75, but the same price for this wee box of pellets? Oh, well. I put it carefully in my cart and headed to the checkout.

Tomorrow, as an afternoon treat, I will make some and enjoy every mouthful. I tend to make the creamy version, because it’s easier. If you’ve never had Minute Tapioca, you should try it. It’s best served warm and if made properly, it’s creamy pudding texture with chewey little clear beads and a bit of vanilla. YUM! I’d make it right now, but it’s too late at night.

If you’re ever in Hilo, there’s a small Thai restaurant called Naung Mai that serves a dessert that consists of ginger ice cream, topped with tapioca and a strawberry. It’s wonderful!


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