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This is one of those things that can wreck your daily living or help start your day on a good foot. We were in the market for a new mattress about 18 months ago. Our mattress was 15 years old and starting to get a slight ridge in the middle where no one slept. The little man was having numbness issues in his arms and every now and then, it felt like my hip was hurting a bit. Was it just old age or time for a new mattress? Well, since we slept on an awful previous one for way too long, we knew that getting a new mattress could mean better sleep, so we went to our local mattress store.

Our mattress was a Restonic and we had been happy with it, but like I said, after 15 years, it was still comfortable, but perhaps was causing some of our complaints, so I had it in mind to buy another Restonic. How much do I love that Restonic? When I would be on vacation, I often was looking forward to getting home just to sleep on it again. It was a pillow top and it felt so cozy and comforting like it was wrapping its arms around me. So, though it was my intention to walk in and buy another Restonic, the salesman asked if we had ever slept on a foam mattress. We had once, when on vacation and both of us slept fine on it (TempurPedic). Plus, our friends have a TemPurpedic and they love it. He suggested we try the one he had on display. It was an Enso Memory Foam and the top of the line. Well, when you lie on a mattress for five minutes, of course it feels okay. What you need to do is sleep on it for a few nights or even a week and then see if you still like it. I doubt stores would allow me to camp out with my pillow and blankets, but some let you return a mattress within 30 days. This place didn’t have that policy.

We both agreed it was very comfortable for the short time we were on it. The Enso has a pillow top of memory foam that can removed for cleaning…not sure how one would clean something like that, since it’s not going to fit in a washing machine. It has multiple layers of foam to help with support and comfort. The salesman extolled the virtues of this company and their product and we signed on the dotted line. After struggling to get it up the stairs (who knew foam would be so heavy? And yes, it’s best not to remove the plastic from the mattress until it’s ready to place! Duct tape will work re-wrapping it to move it into place), we were looking forward to a fresh night’s sleep. Well, the little man woke up feeling fine, even though he still has numbness (it’s not from the mattress – it’s carpal tunnel in his elbows or something like that). I woke up with lower back pain. It was so bad, it even woke me during the night. I dismissed it as strain from something I did, but after three nights of waking with back pain that subsided shortly after I got out of bed, I switched to my old mattress, which had been moved into a guest room. Funny that, woke the next morning after a full night’s rest and zero backache. Great. He was liking the foam and I didn’t. I tried going back to the foam again and again, but it was always the same…low back pain. Finally, we switched the mattresses around and put the old Restonic back in our room and the foam in a guest room. Were we happy about it? No, because he was in one room and I in other.

How were we going to solve this? I came up with the scathingly brilliant idea of buying yet another mattress. I went online and looked at reviews, and Restonic’s were not good for the most part. People complained about noise and sagging after a short time. That made me leery, since my old Restonic did sag, but then, after 15 years, most mattresses do. Now, I was really perplexed. Which mattress should I buy? Try another foam one, but a different brand or another pillow top? In the past, I’ve had Sealy and I find them hard. I’ve had Simmons and they were too soft. I’m sure I had issues, because I couldn’t afford a top of the line, but then, I bought the top of the line Enso.

I didn’t want to broach the subject with the little man, but I did. We went back to the store again and told the salesman about our issues with the Enso. He appeared to be shocked. He said with all the mattresses he’s sold, he’s only had one other complaint about them. I walked over to the best Restonic he had and he gave us a but more off the price to compensate.

I was almost afraid to sleep on it that first night, because if I woke up with a backache, I knew I’d be in trouble with my other half, but happily, I woke up pain-free! Slept like a baby…one that sleeps through the night. I’ve been on it for weeks and have zero complaints. Now, I just need to figure out how to get someone to stop snoring!


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