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I can’t believe I’m admitting this…but, on a Saturday, when I’m in the family room dusting, I’ll turn on the TV to see if anything interesting is on and for the most part, I turn it off. Every now and then I come across a show that catches my interest for some reason or another, generally people interactions. I like to see why people do what they do. And the shows on Bravo certainly bring out the worst in people. What I’ve found is that I may be in the room long enough to catch a part of a show that moves me to take a break with a cup of tea and before I know it…the morning is gone and it’s now the middle of the afternoon and I’ve gotten nothing done, but killed brain cells watching Teresa Giudice spout nothing but nonsense. At that point, I’m angry for wasting my time, but during it, I’m sucked in.

Then, after I watch a marathon, I generally go and look online to see what’s been said about these people. Why do I care? I really don’t. They don’t impact my life in any way, other than I’m following the show. I shouldn’t, but I find the absurdity of it all to be intriguing. I can’t be alone on this…am I? Certainly watching someone’s train wreck of a life shouldn’t be qualified as entertainment. But, that’s how it’s sold. That’s what draws people to shows like The Real Housewives of whatever…too many to mention, Million Dollar anything, or the latest – Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. I have not followed that show, but saw it at my daughter’s. The part where the mom made “sketti’ was enough for me.

After watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey three-part finale, I’ve decided I need to find something better to do with my spare time. It was difficult to watch Teresa miss out on the fact that she needs to let her brother be married and be thankful he has someone he loves as a wife. I can’t believe that she could watch the entire season and not see that she needs to get over that and be a family again. The network knows these shows will only be ‘good television’ if there’s drama, but unless these characters are buying into that and performing, it’s not showing people in a very good light. I wouldn’t want most of them as neighbors and neither would you. Maybe we’re supposed to end up with the realization that we have a wonderful life compared to all of them.


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