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I’m somewhat limited in what I like to listen to when it comes to music. I go through stages where I never listen to the radio and have no clue what’s currently popular. I can’t even name a Lady Gaga song. Is it a bad thing? Not necessarily. I like what I like and that’s pretty much what I listen to and when I feel the need to find new music, I will.

My favorite musical eras are the 60s and 80s, but I lean toward pop tunes. I like music that’s fun and songs where I can hear the lyrics. No head-banging, ear-blasting, mumbled music for me. Outside of that, I like pretty, instrumental music.

I have about 1870 songs on my phone right now and a greater collection on CD and vinyl (I still have my original Meet the Beatles LP and a slew of 45 singles, and yes, I do have a record player). But, what do I tend to listen to most of the time? Instrumentals and New Age. Why? Because for the most part, when I use iTunes on my phone it’s because I’m at work and I’m trying to block out the noise around me. Music without lyrics helps me to concentrate on the task at hand and prevents me from wanting to sing along. Which artists are my favorites? Here’s my list and I do not like allll the songs by one artist, but enjoy a lot of their work. People might say New Age is elevator music, but I find it calming and relaxing…not a bad thing.

  • David Lanz – piano. He was the first new age artist I heard and I’ve been a fan ever since. I have lots of favorites, including the jazzy “Big Sur”, uptempo “Dancing with Dionysos” and “Kal-E-Fornia,” and the ever pretty “Lover’s Tarot,” “Painting the Sun,” and “Summer’s Child.”
  • David Lanz and Gary Stroutsos – piano and flute. Music to make you sway – “Blue Largo” and just a pretty tune called “Rain Dancer.”
  • Gary Girouard – piano. LOVE “Prairie” and the more uptempo “Black Goose.”
  • Johannes Linstead – guitar. Some of these make me want to dance – “Aqua Negra,” “Cafe Tropical,” and “Ole Ole Ola,” but I also like “Cien Fuegos” and “Suave.” I like his music so much, I’ve used some of the songs as ringtones.
  • Nicholas Gunn – flute. I like “South Rim.”
  • Johannes and Nicholas teamed up for an album and another tune to make you tap you feet is “Costa de la Luz.”
  • Rodrigo y Gabriela – guitar. Not New Age, but instrumental. “Diablo Rojo” will knock your socks off! It’s my favorite guitar piece EVER!
  • Jesse Cook – guitar. A moving song is “Tempest.” Could use it to practice your Latin dance moves.
  • George Winston – piano. I like “No Ke Ano Ahiahi.” He’s classic New Age.
  • Michele McLaughlin – piano. She’s fairly new to me and her music is almost like fairy music – Try “Trilogy” or “A Celtic Dream.”
  • Philip Wesley – piano. One of my favorites is “Lamentations of the Heart.”
  • Nightnoise – piano. I like “Hugh.”
  • Jon Dahlander – piano. I like “The Strawberry Princess.”
  • Craig Urquhart – piano. “Contemplation” is soothing.
  • Celtic Fiddle Festival – fiddle. Get up out of your seat…not good when I’m at work. I like “Music for a Found Harmonium.”
  • Carolyn Southworth – piano. I like “At the End of the Day.”
  • Brian Crain – piano. His “Sienna” is pretty.
  • The Beyman Bros. – variety of instruments. I like “Man of la Mantra” and “Hartland.”
  • Armik – guitar. The Latin tune “Cardobes” is fun.
  • Solomon Keal – piano. “Peace of Heaven” is just one of those pretty, flowing songs.
  • Other artists to try out along this vein are Joe Bongiorno, Danny Wright, Matthew Mayer, Nylon Moon, Liz Story, Shadowfax, David Arkenstone, Ottmar Liebert, David Nevue, Jim Brickman, and Philip Glass.

All of this music can be found on iTunes! Happy listening!


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