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I LOVE my iPhone, but that’s already been established. What is one of the main reasons I love my iPhone? All the wonderful and helpful apps. I like the fact that I can be entertained no matter where I am. I know that some people think we’re too attached to our phones, and I admit that when I have a moment, I do check my phone for messages, emails, see if there have been any Facebook or Twitter updates, and so on. That said, there’s a lot more I can do on my phone with the amazing array of apps. Some are free and most give you a trial version that can be upgraded if you decide you really like it.

Recipe apps
It’s time to head to the grocery store, because I’m out of milk, but I didn’t have time to plan a menu for the week. Tap on my Everyday Food or Tastybytes apps, choose recipes, and add the ingredients to a shopping list. At the grocery store, pull up the shopping list, and I’m good to go.

Movie apps
Gotta have Flixster. I can search for my local theater’s listings in no time. I can even buy tickets. Want to know more about a movie? Try Rotten Tomatoes for reviews or look at IMDb, the Internet movie database for details about the movie, including the full cast. This app comes in handy when someone says, “I can’t remember who played the lead in that movie.”

Weather apps
Yes, the iPhone comes with a pretty decent app. I was looking for something that would alert me when a tornado warning was issued. I wanted an app that beeped at me, so I would know to take cover. I downloaded NOAA Radio, but the stations aren’t in my area. I also have the free version of Weather. It does give me up to the date local info, and when you look at the app on your screen, it shows the current temp. That’s cool.

I was never much of a computer game player and I’m still not a huge game player, but I do like being able to while away a few minutes playing a game, either when I’m in a doc’s office or readying for bed. My favorites are Wordfeud (like Scrabble, which I play with my friend Becky), LineUp Pro (tap on groups of colored squares before they reach the top), Flood-It 2 (tap to make all the squares the same color in 22 taps or less), Egg v Chicken (move the eggs together and fire them at advancing chickens, before they get to you), Round’em (corralling sheep, before the time is up), Trio (stack the balls in like colors to delete them, before you reach the top), Water? (give the gator a shower), Tiny Wings (move the birdie from daylight to night by touching the screen to help him fly), Cut the Rope (challenging game – get the candy into the monster’s mouth, but only after you have three stars, and of course, Angry Birds – regular and Rio versions. If you haven’t tried or found any good game apps, you might try some of these.

Travel apps
Airport Maps is great for when you aren’t familiar with a US airport. You can find places to eat, lounges, and shopping, plus see the airport’s terminal layout. Need to pack for a trip? Don’t forget stuff with the uPack it app. Your airline may also have an app. Where and Around Me are two handy apps for finding restaurants, gas stations, and shopping that are very helpful when you’re on the road and getting a craving for ice cream or you need gasoline.

Watch, Listen, and Read apps
I LOVE the HBO Go and HGTV apps. You can watch movies and series, both past and present with the HBO Go app. It’s where I first saw the Angry Boys series. And yes, I have watched an entire movie on my phone. You can catch past episodes of some of your favorite HGTV shows with their app. Like NPR? There’s an app. Like to listen to music? Try the Pandora app and create a ‘station’ of music you enjoy. I have the Overdrive app, so I can download books from my local library, and I have the Kindle app, so I can download books from Amazon. That’s pretty sweet! I’m never without a book to read. I also have a Mango app, which let’s me learn a foreign language for free, through my library. Oh, and if I forgot to record a show through DirecTV? No problem. I can select it using the DirecTV app and voila! Recorded!

Other cool apps
The iPhone came with a compass, a calculator, a calendar, maps and directions, a clock with an alarm and stopwatch feature, YouTube, reminders, Voice memos (need to remember something, press the app and talk or use the Notes app), and of course a camera to snap and send images. Here’s a tip – the next time you put something in a place you ‘won’t forget,’ snap a picture with your phone. It will stay in your Photos app until you delete it.

A few other apps I’ve added: A Mobi tag reader, so I can read Microsoft tags that appear in advertising or magazines. The tags take you to a website by tapping the Tag app and then scanning the tag. Another neat reason to use your phone as a scanner is the Google Shopper app. When you’re out shopping, but want to make sure you won’t find an item at the lower price at another local store, scan the UPC code and you’ll see prices at competing stores. iHandy Level – okay, some people think this is a waste, but I like my pictures to hang straight, so this little took comes in handy. Star Walk – like to see the stars at night? Not sure which constellation is which? With this app, hold up your phone, and you’ll get a view of the sky that’s above you with constellation names, planets, moon phases, etc. Pretty neat!

There are tons of useful apps out there and not just for iPhones. Try searching the App Store for Apple products or your Smartphone’s store, and you’ll surely find some little apps that will make your life better, more fun, and even help challenge your brain.


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