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Who knew I had so many favorites? I don’t even think I realized I did, but I do…and I have more!

A few of the TV shows that I’ve been watching, mostly on HBO Go or on YouTube, are the rather rude series’ Angry Boys and Summer Heights High. Both shows were created by Australian Chris Lilley and I find them entertaining. Yes, there is a lot of swearing, so if you don’t like foul langage and rude behavior, these are not the shows for you. Why do I like them? The characters! Chris plays a lot of the characters and he really does a great job with giving them individuality. The shows are mockumentary style, which I have always liked. A few of my favorite movies in this genre are Best in Show and Waiting for Guffman.

In Summer Heights High, Chris plays Ja’mie King (a haughty, private high school girl with an Australian Valley Girl accent), Mr. G (the arrogant drama teacher), and Jonah Takalua (a struggling student born in Tonga, who at level 8, still can’t read very well). Jonah’s character especially cracks me up. I like his accent and even though he’s a bad boy, you can empathize with his situation. My favorite episode in this series in number four, where Ja’mie has a melt-down over her friends treating her unfairly, though it’s actually the other way around, Mr. G’s strange way of working with the drama students, and Jonah’s visit to the student welfare office over a drawing he did to get out of an English assignment. Mr. Takalua’s reaction to the incident cracks me up.

Angry Boys – the title reminds me of Angry Birds. This is Lilley’s most recent series and features Daniel and Nathan Sims (twin brothers; Daniel is always getting into scuffs with Nathan, but underneath, you know he loves his twin; Nathan is mostly deaf due an explosion he created), their grandmother, Gran (she works at a correctional facility for boys and is a champion for the troubled lads), Jen Okazaki (the orginal tiger mom), S.mouse (a rapper from LA), and Blake Oakfield (a surfer who has lost his confidence). I found the season finale to be very touching.

There is another series called We Can Be Hereos, which you can find on YouTube. It features Ja’mie and Daniel and Nathan.

If you can get past the language and lewd parts, it is amazing to see Chris become these colorful characters on the screen. There are times I forget it’s him. I think that’s the point of acting.


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