Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps

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I really do like to snack. It has not been working for me lately, so when I feel the need to put something in my mouth, I try to reach for things like little grape tomatoes, strawberries, or Pretzel Crisps…something that keeps me from stopping at that little cupcake place that’s on my way home and buying a Triple Oreo Delight. It’s easy to keep a bag of Pretzel Crisps at work or in the pantry. They are good by themselves and even better with a bit of Pub Cheese from Trader Joe’s. Oh, wait…that kind of defeats the whole trying to eat a healthier snack. Need to keep reminding myself to get the Pretzel Crisps from the cupboard and not mosey on over to the refrigerator, too.

Pretzel Crisps are basically flattened pretzels and come in a handful of flavors. I do love the Buffalo Wing flavor the best. I just looked at the website and they have Jalapeno Jack! Seriously? Why doesn’t Kroger carry that one? I like a bit of spice with my snack.

The good news about the pretzels is that the plainer ones have no saturated fat, no cholesterol, and are only about 110 calories per serving (about 11 crackers). The flavored ones do have some fat, but the count is pretty low. What flavors will you find? Well, at YOUR grocery store, maybe alllll of them: Original, Garlic Parmesan, Everything, Sesame, Chipotle Cheddar (another flavor I had no idea they made!), plus the others I mentioned. They do make a regular style pretzel and some holiday ‘indulgent’ styles with chocolate, white chocolate, and peppermints.

They are a great, crunchy snack that can take the edge off hunger, without adding too many calories to your daily count. Far better than a piece of tiramisu. Hmmm, a tiramisu flavored pretzel? Now, there’s a thought.


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