Teapots and Tea

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I admit that I do like to collect SOME things. I try not to get toooo much into it and if you do too, don’t spread the word too much or you will be inundated with stuff…and it may not be to your liking. Because I drink tea, a teapot is very useful. Do I need a lot of them? No, but I like to have a variety, depending on what I’m doing with the tea.

If I’m having company and serving tea, I used to heat up water in my very old tea kettle and brew a pot of tea using 3-4 teabags. For that, a 5-6 cup pot is necessary. Sure, I could just heat up water, hand everyone a teabag, and let them dip their teabag, but tea should really steep in a covered pot. It helps to bring out the flavor. I have some smaller pots that have a strainer, so I can make loose tea. A few are one cup size and I have a two-cup size, depending on my mood that day. I also have some decorative pots. I just like the way they look.

For Christmas, I got a Forte iced tea maker. It has a small clear class pot that sits on a larger pitcher. It makes 2 glasses of iced tea. All I have to do is place a tea bag in the pot, cover with hot water and let steep, fill the bottom with ice and pour the hot tea over it. I don’t let it sit in the pitcher with the ice for long. I pretty much just pour it into glasses, so it doesn’t get watered down.

Tea accessories
I do have a small strainer that fits in a cup, but it’s hard to steep, because there’s no lid. It works perfectly in my electric iced tea maker. It contains the tea and makes it easier to clean the machine. I do have a little metal no-drip device that fits in the spout and makes pouring from pots that don’t have the best spouts easier. Amazing that all teapots don’t have properly formed spouts. I also have a fabric tea bag for loose tea, but it’s rather messy to use. I don’t care for those little metal mesh or metal strainers, because I don’t think the tea has enough room to properly filter water.

Tea tips
If you’re drinking loose tea, it does matter how hot the water temperature is and how long you steep it. There aren’t too many teas that need to be steeped longer than 3-5 minutes, unless you like bitter tea. What is steeping? It’s letting the tea sit in hot water, generally covered with a lid. Most tea tastes better, flavor-wise, when it’s not boiling hot.

What kind of tea do I like? Right now, I’m loving Almond Cookie. It’s a loose tea that can be found at tea shops. Some of my other favorites are Bigelow’s Constant Comment and Vanilla Caramel (when I make this at work, everyone wants some). I like teas by Forte, Rishi, and good, old Lipton’s oolong tea. Tea fact – I learned at a tea program that there is no such thing as herbal tea…it’s a tisane or infusion, since there’s no tea in it. Also, white, green, and black all come from the same plant. They are all good for you. Great, since I reallllly like tea!


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