Electric Brooms

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Are you still using a stick broom and dust pan? If you are, it’s time to retire them and get an electric broom or stick vacuum. Why? They do a much better job. No bending over to  sweep dirt into a dust pan  only to leave that skinny ridge of dirt that you just can’t quite get onto the dust pan (I know what happens to that…a few swipes of the broom and there’s hope it will get swept up next time.) For this reason, I’m not a fan of the Swiffer type of floor dusters, because they pick up the loose stuff and dust, but not larger pieces of stuff that finds its way to the floor.

My first experience with electric brooms was back when I was a teenage mother’s helper. The woman I worked for used it as a selling point, “I have an electric broom, too.” At the time, I had no clue what that was. I thought it was a broom that somehow went back and forth by itself. I found out what it was and actually, I liked it a lot.

I just recently replaced my trusty old Eureka with a Bissell for $25. The old one had a cracked handle. Okay, so I didn’t lean it securely against the wall and it hit the ground…a few times. It still works. It has a dust cup that can be emptied (only after I’m sure the spiders I sucked are not going to crawl back out). I moved it upstairs to use as the bathroom electric broom. Saves carrying the other one up the stairs.

The new Bissel converts to a hand held and has an edge attachment (to use with the handheld.) It’s very lightweight and does a good job. Like the Eureka, it’s bagless.  I just looked at the Bissell website and I could have bought it for $19.99!  Live and learn.

There are other products out there, including heavty duty ones that do low-pile carpeting. Prices start at $20 and some are over $100. I bought mine primarily for hard-surface floors and truly, it just makes cleanup so much simpler.


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