Whole Foods Market

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I had to make a run up to Whole Foods, because Kroger was has been out of my decaf Oregon Chai for over a month! I’ve been in withdrawal mode. Not pretty. Luckily, I can have the regular version at work during the day, when the caffiene doesn’t alter my sleep. Whole Foods is a great store. It used to be a Wild Oats store and I was concerned when WF bought it. Wasn’t sure what they’d do with it, but much to my surprise, it’s still a good store with a lot of the same products.

Why do I like WF? They have a lot of what I like to eat and drink, including interesting beer, good wines, great cheeses, and tasty pastries, including baklava. Can’t go wrong with a store that makes good baklava. Another plus, is that when you’re hungry, they have a wonderful deli, and a drink bar with yummy smoothies, coffee drinks, and chai! Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention, you can get a shot of wheat grass too. Can’t say yum about that, but it’s probably good for you.

My Cincinnati WF has a neat event on Friday nights called 5 for 5 after 5, which translates to 5 samples of wine or beer and foods around a theme for $5, after 5 p.m. And, you get a wine or beer glass! The next time you go back, bring the glass and only pay $4! Seriously, you can’t beat that deal. They even have a dessert table set up to pass out samples to top off the evening.

Part of the reason I like shopping there is the tremendous variety of products. You can buy their own 365 brand, buy items in bulk, get lots of fresh produce, including organic, and get eco-friendly brands like Method, Seventh Generation, and Mrs. Meyer’s. They carry a lot of health-related items, like vitamin products, kombucha, and beauty supplies. Need flowers to take as a hostess gift? Need a birthday card for that someone special? Need an organic cotton baby onesie? WF has just about everything.

Today, I sampled a few items from the veggie deli section. Loved the Greek cabbage salad and the buffalo soy chicken. They said it wasn’t chicken, but it sure tasted like chicken to me. I also had to get some chocolate and they have a lot of varieties to choose from, including Noi Sirius, Endangered Species Chocolate, and Chocolove. I LOVE chocolate! Dark or milk…I’m not fussy. My co-worker thinks that Noi Sirius is the best chocolate he’s ever tasted. When my British pals were here, we did a chocolate blind taste test with Cadbury, and you know what? The British version was better than the American version. Their version didn’t have a powdered milk aftertaste. I was surprised, as I didn’t think there would be a difference.

If you haven’t visited a WF, stop in and at least have a look around. They do have some of the best food available in a grocery. I wish they’d open one by me! And I’d like it to be like the Lincoln Park store in Chicago. That’s an amazing place! But I still love Wegman’s!

P.S. Buy a WF shopping bag and take it back when you shop. They’ll give you a wooden nickel to help feed the hungry in your area. Another thing I like is the fruit for a quarter for kids. Skip the cookie sample from most grocery stores and let your child pick up a piece of fruit!


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