Window Washing Solution

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Fall is coming, which means it will rain less, and people tend to clean windows, so they can have a better view of falling snow. There’s been a lot of talk at work about what to use to wash windows…that doesn’t streak. Well, toss most of your window sprays out the window! I have yet to find one that works perfectly. It was interesting to hear so many people complain about streaky windows while using the industry standard cleaner – Windex. Sparkle is the best bottle cleaner for small jobs, and I like Method’s window spray, but even that isn’t up to the big task.

So, what’s a person supposed to use? My darling daughter spent a few college summers washing windows for a professional company. What did they use? A heavy-duty, streak-free, commercial product not available to the general public? Nope. They used 2 gallons of water, 1 cup of white vinegar, and a few drops of Joy dish liquid. And guess what? No streaks and perfectly clean windows. Vinegar and the dish liquid help cut the film that often builds up on glass.

Now, the second part – what do you use to dry windows? You’ve probably heard about crumpled newspaper. I don’t like that option. It leaves black soy ink on my hands. I prefer Viva paper towels for quick jobs or old, clean towels. Someone at work asked about lint issues. With old cotton towels, I don’t have a problem with that. They need to be old and well-washed and dried for years, because they won’t shed any more lint. If you have a squeege, you can use that instead, but most people don’t. Wash the windows with the solution (you can use a sponge or an old wash cloth to apply) and dry with a towel. No rinsing. Simple as that. Then, sit back and enjoy the view.

If your windows have a calcium build up, which can happen if they aren’t washed about once a year, try wetting a paper towel soaked in vinegar and sticking it to the window surface by letting it hang flat and pressing it against the window. Let it sit for about 20 minutes. You might also try a 3M sponge that has a scratchy surface, but test it on an inconspicious area first. You don’t want to have scratch marks on the glass. I don’t think the sponge would damage it, but test it to be sure.

If you wash your windows at least bi-annually, you can keep them looking good and make your view of the outside world brighter!


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