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Gotta love digital cameras. In the ‘olden days,’ photographs were expensive to take and develop, so most people couldn’t afford to take very many. As a result there were very few photos and many bad photos with eyes closed, someone looking away, awful expressions, and blurry figures, not to mention overexposed or underexposed. I just got back from a mini-vaca with the fam and I took hundreds of snaps. Some good, some not so good, but with the volume of shots, I did get some nice photos. No, they wouldn’t win any awards, but I wasn’t takking them for that. I just wanted to photographs moments, that when printed out, will give me a lifetime of good memories. That’s why I take photos. And with digital cameras, it’s so easy to reshoot right there on the spot, delete the imperfect ones, and print the keepers or put them in a Snapfish or Shutterfly album.

Which camera am I using? I have a Canon PowerShot S3IS. It’s got a decent optical zoom, which is important to me – 12x. Now, mind you, this camera is already dated, so you can get cameras with a higher optical number, but this one has been working fine for me. I like the image stabilization feature, the fact that I can take mini-movies, and that it uses AA batteries. At first, I thought that was a downside, but no matter where I am, if my batteries die, I can find replacements. I currently have 3 sets of rechargeable batteries, plus about 10 SD cards, so I rarely have issues with recharging or running out of card memory. I have been known to take thousands of photos on vacation.

My daughter and my place of employment use the Panasonic Lumix compact camera and that does a nice job, too. My daughter just got hers, so it’s a 14x optical zoom. Sweet. I’m looking at buying one, because mine is a bit to big to easily toss into my purse and I’d like to have an option, depending on what I’m doing.

What’s the one thing most people would grab in the event of a home fire…besides loved ones and pets, their photographs. I wish someone had taken more photos of my siblings and me when we were younger and I wish I had more photos of my children, but due to the expense, it just didn’t happen..and don’t get me started on movies! I think of my entire childhood, I’m in about 5 minutes of footage. And I couldn’t afford a video camera until my children were pre-teens. I cherish the images I do have. So, grab that camera and photograph the silly moments, the quiet moments, the special occasion moments, and everything in between. You and your fam will be pleased, even if they’re not looking so in the photos.

If you don’t have a digital camera, yes, they’re easy to use, and they are available in all price ranges, so buy one. It’s nice to have an image stabilzer feature and a high optical number, but most new cameras, even the ones on phones, do a pretty decent job. Oh, and saying ‘cheese’ generally gives a cheesy smile on the photo. There has to be a better word.


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