Del Monte and Dole

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I love fruits and vegetables! Of course, I prefer fresh, but you can’t always get fresh. Frozen would be my second choice, at least for vegetables, but every now and then, I like a can of green beans (the little man hates them in just about any form, but I actually like the canned ones)  or toss a can of corn into a tortilla casserole. My favorite canned item? Pears. I LOVE Del Monte sliced pears on cottage cheese with a small handful of Penzey’s crystalized ginger. Yum! personally, I think canned pears taste better than most fresh ones, since they are often times hard as a rock and flavorless. Peaches are another one of those fruits you can’t count on when fresh, at least where I live. Like pears, they can be rock hard or pithy, even after trying to ripen them in a brown bag.

The last time I was in Hawaii, I stopped at the little airport shops to pick up a few pineapples to bring home and I asked which brand was more flavorful and the woman said, “Del Monte.” I* didn’t buy a Dole as a comparison and I do buy Dole canned pineapple, but the Del Monte was wonderful. Both brands of canned produce offer light versions of the fruit to help cut down on calories. I appreciate that and that it’s not due to artificial sweetening. Bottom line – buy fresh when it’s ripe and in season, buy frozen when possible after that, and when in a pinch, buy Del Monte or Dole in the can…but not the peas. Not a fan of those. They taste nothing like the real thing.


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