Comet Cleanser

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I know, I could have made a Comet entry and included both the bathroom spray AND the cleanser, but I’m doing the cleanser separate. The ONLY reason I use Comet cleanser is to clean my toilets. I have used Method’s toilet bowl cleaner, but frankly Comet works better. Now, you may ask yourself, ‘Why is she using Comet in the toilet? It’s to clean sinks.” Well, actually, unless you’re cleaning stainless steel sinks, it’s not for sinks. It RUINS sinks (unless using the No-scratch type). But, it’s perfect for toilets. It does a great job on toilets…sprinkle a bit in the bowl, swish with a good toilet brush (the kind without a metal wire), let it sit for 10 minutes, and flush. It’s a tip I learned from my ex-sister-in-law’s sister, back when she was still my sister-in-law, which was a long time ago.

I think it’s the chlorine in the Comet that makes it work so well. It helps keep odors under control, too. My friend, Renee taught me another toilet trick – going on vacation? Try a capful of bleach in the bowl. It will help kill bacteria while you are gone. Being a fan of Method products, Comet and bleach are not really ecology friendly, so I use them sparingly. I’ve been using Method one week and Comet the next. It helps me feel better about the waste water I’m flushing.

Speaking about toilets and water, I read a very enlightening book called, “The Big Necessity: The Unmentionable World of Human Waste and Why it Matters” by Rose George. I really liked it, because I knew very little about the fact that people are still dying from diseases spread by lack of proper toilet facilities. Imagine a fly landing on a pile of waste and then buzzing over and plopping its little fly feet on your potato salad. Disgusting. Hmmm, no wonder it’s a problem. It made me appreciate a Comet-cleaned toilet even more.

Another thing that has been bothering me for quite some time is the fear of running out of our necessary life fluid – water. I know there are people around the world without pure drinking water, so as I’m bathing (in shallow water, like my Grandmother taught me, or brushing my teeth first, so I’m not being wasteful waiting for hot water to reach the second floor), I’m thinking about conserving as much as possible as I go about my daily life. I cringe when I think of the water I’ve wasted in my lifetime, especially when I know there are people going without potable drinking water. In our country, we’re fortunate, but our day is coming. Please think about ways you can conserve water. It’s another reason to use Method or other biodegradable products that help prevent contamination of our water supply.

So, no cleanser on porcelain or fiberglass sinks or tubs, because it will dull the finish forever. Use Comet Bathroom Spray or preferably Method Bathroom Cleaner for that chore, but kill germs with a little Comet cleanser in the toilet bowl.


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