Jif Peanut Butter

May 30, 2011 at 5:45 pm Leave a comment

Now, here’s a topic people can pick sides over – peanut butter. I LOVE peanut butter and it’s even better with chocolate! Some days, when I’m rummaging through the pantry for a light snack, I will sometimes grab a spoon and go for a dip of peanut butter. It satisfies my hunger and yes, I can eat just one spoonful. I’ve seen the calorie count. But it is craveable.

And make mine creamy. No nuts need apply. I feel like the nuts get stuck in my teeth or crunch at the wrong time. I prefer the smooth, creamy variety. It spreads well on bread and doesn’t look like Grape Nuts mixed in peanut butter.

Over the years, I’ve tried them all: Skippy, Peter Pan (sorry, but the cookies I made with this brand didn’t even turn out well),  Goober (not my thang and even the name is a turn-off), homemade, almond butter, walnut butter, etc. Some of them have to blended to get the oil mixed in or be stored in the refrigerator (can you say ‘bend-a-spoon?). No, sir, give me smooth and creamy, room temperature, right out of the jar Jif. Mmmm, if I weren’t so full from Memorial Day food, I’d get a spoonful right now.


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