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Who hasn’t used a 3M product? Their plaid-packaged Scotch brand cellophane tape was the only one around when I was a child. I played with tape, when it was available (it seemed we’d run out and have stretches where someone would be looking for the Scotch tape and none could be found, which brings up the time I didn’t have any to hang my Beatles posters, so I improvised with Vicks Vaporub…but, that’s another story). I could spend ten minutes just sticking a piece of tape together and pulling it apart or a bit longer working on getting all the stickiness off the backside. Okay, so I was easily amused. My friends and I liked to tape parts of  our faces into grotesque positions (yes, it smarts a little when you rip it off). It worked great for getting lint off sweaters, too.  And then, 3M brought out frosted, ‘magic’ tape. No more cracking, yellowing, tape. It really did make wrapped packages look nicer, without the shine of cellophane tape. I can still recall the almost evergreen scent, though I don’t think that was on purpose.

I’m a fan of using a Scotch-Brite sponge instead of a dish cloth. Why? I don’t like a wet cloth hanging around the sink. It’s one of those struggle issues for me…where do you put it when you’re done with it? If you have a towel rod to hang it on, that’s good, but too many times, it’s hung over the faucet or the center sink divider or left in a lump that gets smelly. I prefer a sponge, that I can rinse out and leave in the drainer, where it completely dries out between uses. Does your sponge get smelly? Try Method dish soap and you won’t have that issue (really) or toss it into the dishwasher (on the top shelf) to do a decent job of killing germs.

Another favorite 3M product would have to be Post-its. Love those little bits of sticky-back paper. No more lost notes. I even use them for bookmarks in books (though I’m a huge fan of technology, I still read paper books), because it’s easy to flag the place where I left off and if the book slips from my hands, the Post-it stays in place. I like that.

3M makes a ton of useful and helpful products for the home and office, everything from scrapbooking supplies to library systems. They can send me a ‘care package,’ if they wish!


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