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I was just thinking about the old days, when I used to do a lot of baking, and how if I wanted to make a carrot cake (one of my favorites, but no nuts, please), I’d have to grate the carrots by hand. It was a long and tedious job and generally meant knuckles scraped over the jagged little points of the grater. One of my reasons for buying a Cusinart in the first place was to ‘make carrot cake’ without pain. Well, I’ve probably only made one carrot cake, due to calories I don’t need to consume. But…I have used my Cuisinart for lots of other purposes, like shredding cabbage, slicing potatoes, shredding potatoes, shredding cheeses, making banana freezes, and so on.

When I was little, my mom used to make potato pancakes for us. I LOVED them and would have eaten them once a week. Why wasn’t Mom fond of making them? Having to grate all the potatoes. The Cuisinart makes short work of that. No more gray potato pile while finishing the task. Assemble the Cuisinart, peel the potatoes, cut into chunks that will fit in the sleeve, pop on the pusher, press the button, and in barely a few seconds, the potatoes are sliced or shredded. Wouldn’t my grandmother, who liked to make sauerkraut, have loved this little beauty of a machine?

What’s my favorite dessert to make with the Cuisinart? Banana freezes. It’s like ice cream, but with no sugar added. All you have to do is take three or four frozen bananas (they should be ripe when frozen, but not scary ripe), peel them (helps to hold them with a towel as you do this, because they’re really cold), cut into chunks, drop into the Cuisinart bowl fitted with the blade, add a dash of vanilla, and whirr until it looks like ice cream. Scoop with an ice cream scoop and top with chocolate syrup, if desired. I like it straight up. Delish!

Cuisinarts come in lots of sizes. I like the mini-prep size for small jobs and the larger 9-14 cup size for regular use. They truly do make chopping/shredding/slicing tasks so much faster. I know it does take a few minutes to get the machine setup, but seriously, for the amount of time it saves, it’s well worth it. Don’t have a Cuisinart? Watch store ads, because they are often on sale, and you can get accessories/replacement parts from Cuisinart, if you need them.


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