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Back in the olden days, when I first tried yogurt, I could not get through a single container of Dannon. I’d start off okay, but it was just toooo sour for me. Now, I really like yogurt, but you know me, not just any yogurt, I have my favorites. Number one on my list would still be Dannon’s Fruit on the Bottom, with my favorite flavor being cherry (I know, no surprise there). Blueberry is my second fav. Other yogurts I like are Oikos (blueberry) and Chobani (cherry or pomegranate), both Greek yogurts and very creamy…more creamy than Dannon’s Fruit on the Bottom. Dannon makes a Greek style, too, but not in the cherry flavor. 😦 One way to eat the plain Greek yogurt is to add a small handul of chopped walnuts and a drizzle of honey (especially unpasteurized). Lots of goodness all at once!

All the Greek style yogurts are fat free, but that doesn’t diminish the taste or add a funky aftertaste. Oikos and Dannon Greek have the lowest calories at 120. Chobani at 150 is higher than Dannon Fruit on the Bottom at 140. The sugar content, which chunks up the calories; Dannon FoB – 24 grams, Chobani – 21 g, Dannon Greek – 16 g, and Oikos – 15 g. Sodium intake; Dannon FoB – a whopping 280 mg, Chobani and Oikos – 70 mg, and Dannon Greek with 50 mg. They all taste good, so it’s up to you to weigh which one fits your lifestyle the best. Plus, the nutrition numbers vary by flavor.

Stonyfield Farms and Brown Cow also make good products (Oikos is a Stonyfield brand), but I’m not a fan of Yoplait. It’s too runny or has a funny texture to me. But that’s just me. Some people I know prefer it, but this isn’t their blog. One brand I wouldn’t buy again, and it’s expensive to boot, is Siggi’s. It’s very tart, puckery tart. I guess the 10 g of sugar should have given me a hint.

Overall, yogurt is good for you as a snack or in my case, lunch. It has lots of probiotics and should help support the good bacteria in your system. Need a great summer dessert recipe? Try Dannon’s Strawberry Yogurt Pie! You can use other flavors besides strawberry. Raspberry is great and so is blueberry. Haven’t tried peach yet, but I will.


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  • 1. Audrey Waldo  |  March 14, 2011 at 7:23 am

    That’s my girl. She knows her yogurt!


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