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Yes, I’m hearing the moans already from all the Coke drinkers out there. Pepsi? Seriously? Yes, I like Pepsi. My uncle used to work for Coke, so back then, I was a Coke drinker and we thumbed our noses at Pepsi. That was until he got a job for Pepsico at which time we started thumbing our noses at Coke. I think the taste is more than brand loyalty. Coke leaves a funny film on my teeth and Pepsi doesn’t. Also, I was having odd little stomach pains from time to time, so I decided to play doctor and pay attention to what I was eating or drinking prior to the episodes. It was Coke. Now, isn’t it odd that I would get stomach pains from Coke and not Pepsi? Psychosomatic? No. I didn’t have a vendetta against Coke, I just clued into when I was getting the odd twinges and it was after consuming it.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Wait a minute…if she switched to Pepsi, why was she drinking Coke?” Because it was and probably still is the preferred cola among my friends, so when I was at someone’s house and wanted a soda, it was generally Coke. The strange thing is that I can drink Coke fountain drinks with no trouble, but not Coke from a bottle or can. Quite odd. Again, I see you raising your finger and pointing to psychosomatic, but I swear it’s not in my head. I’d point that finger toward the fountain drinks having a more generic makeup than the bottled or canned product.

Why do I prefer Pepsi? I like the fact that it doesn’t leave that squeaky film on my teeth and I don’t think it’s as sweet. I hear ya…the Coke drinkers are saying Pepsi is too sweet. It’s an acquired taste and there is no right or wrong, it’s just preference. And my nod goes to Pepsi. And don’t make it diet, either. I rarely drink any soda, but when I do, give me the real thing! Oops, that’s a Coke slogan.


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