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When I was but a wee girl, I remember seeing warm and fuzzy faces on my products…Aunt Jemima, the Morton Salt girl, the Gerber Baby, the Quaker Oats man, and of course, Betty Crocker. As a result, I was a loyalist…once I started using a product, I stuck with it…until about two years ago, when I was trying to make some reallllly good brownies. I tried recipe after recipe and they never were chocolatey enough or moist and chewy.

I was at work and someone kind, caring, and thoughtful brought brownies as a treat. Mmmm, they were delish. I timidly (okay, you know me, so it probably wasn’t timidly) asked for the recipe. Lo and behold, the person chuckled, “They’re box.” Box? Box? Seriously? That good and they came from a box? Not just any box, but Dunan Hines. I had no idea. I had always thought good brownies were homemade and I just didn’t have a decent recipe.

Well, my friends, good brownies do come from a box, although I have recently found a killer recipe (see Recipes). Back to the box…Duncan Hines makes a variety of brownies: Dark Fudge Chunk Decadent, Chewie Fudge Premium, Dark Chocolate Premium, and more. My favorite is Triple Chocolate Decadent. I’d like one right now, slightly warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and a bit of hot fudge sauce. Isn’t there always room for chocolate?

It’s not just the brownies I love, Duncan Hines cakes are wonderful too. I had no idea there was a difference between box cakes, but there is a big difference. Betty Crocker cakes are like a fine sponge, almost like eating nothing (still have calories though), but Duncan Hines cakes have texture and depth. You can tell when you have a bite of cake on your fork and I like that. Mmmm, I’d like a piece of yellow cake with chocolate frosting or better yet, an Ooey, Gooey, Butter Cake (see Recipes). Tasty.


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