Lip Balm

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Is it just me or do you get dry lips a lot? I always have lip balm nearby, because nothing is worse than dry lips…especially at night when I’m trying to fall asleep. I turn out the lights, having forgotten to apply lip balm, and for a few minutes, I’ll lie there thinking, ‘My lips are dry, but I’ll fall asleep and be fine. No need to fumble around in my drawer in the dark. I’ll nod off.’ I settle into the pillow and it’s like my lips take control. They feel not just dry, but like the Sahara! I imagine them cracking into tiny pieces and falling off my face. And what will I look like with no lips? A second pep talk…’Oh, this is silly. Just go to sleep.’

Well, I should just immediately hop up, punch the button on my iPhone to give me enough light to find the dern lip balm, because I’ll have to do it or I will NOT fall asleep. Am I addicted to it? Possibly. I must have about 20 tubes of various products. Right now, I have Gap, Carmex, Softlips, Chapstick, Kiehl’s, Burt’s Bees, Time Again, Vaseline, and Beauty Control. They are in the drawer next to me right now, in the family room (for when I’m in there watching TV), in the basement (for when I’m on the Wii), in my nightstand, in my desk drawer at work (actually, I use it a lot at work, because it’s dry there), and in my purse (can’t leave home without it). I even have some in various coat pockets for times when I don’t take my purse (it’s when the little man will be pulling out his wallet, so no need for mine).

Now, to answer the burning question of which brand do I like the best? Aside from the fact that I love The Gap, I really like their lip balm. But I don’t use it exclusively. Having lived in Wisconsin for many years, I like the hometown CarmexKiehl’s, and even good old Softlips. I bought Burt’s Bees because it has color, but like lipstick, it’s drying. When applying lipstick, I always use an undercoat of lip balm. The lipstick color doesn’t last as long, but my lips don’t start crying because they’re dry as quickly as they would without it. In dry climates, lip balm is a must for me. Can’t sleep without it either!


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