Puffs Tissues

October 24, 2010 at 4:01 pm Leave a comment

I know, I know…you use them once (or twice) and toss them, but what a difference the texture makes. At work, we are supplied with the cheapest tissues (and toilet paper), that is akin to using true tissue paper. Not appealing. It certainly doesn’t feel good on the face (or anywhere else).  When someone has a cold and a red nose, ask what tissue brand they’re using. I’ll bet it’s not Puffs…and I’m just talking about the plain Puffs, not the lotion-laden version.

Speaking of the lotion version…not a fan. I guess if I had a cold, I’d consider using them, but there is nothing worse than cleaning your glasses and then looking through them and seeing a blurry world.  Argh! I stick with the old-fashioned Puffs. Some of the store brands are okay and there’s always Kleenex as a back up. But, seriously, Puffs’ softness does feel nice to the touch and is strong enough to prevent embarrassing blow-outs.

Here’s one of my pet peeves, calling allll tissues Kleenex. Kleenex is a brand name of a specific tissue. If you’re using Kleenex and say, “I need to grab a Kleenex,” then, you’re correct. But, if you say, “I need to grab a Kleenex,” and you grab a Scott’s tissue, well, aside from the fact that you will rub your nose raw or scratch your lenses (just kidding on that one), it’s not a Kleenex. Sorry, I digress.

My favorite tissues, Puffs, will help you mop up the tea you just spilled on your desk, ease that nightmare of a runny, dripping nose, clear the fingerprints from your lenses, erase lipstick smudges, be a home for the gum you can’t spit into a cloth napkin at your favorite restaurant, dispose of the centipede that ran under your foot, and dry your eyes when you watch a tender movie. There are times when the quality of paper makes a huge difference.

I just found out there’s a Puffs’ variety with Vicks! Perfect for your stuffy nose.

Update…right now, I have a sinus thing going on and I reached for a Kleenex tissue, as it’s all I could find at the grocery store and it’s gossamer! In the study, I have Puffs and what a difference. It’s practically Viva paper towel compared to the Kleenex brand.


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