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I reallllly LOVE Google! I’ve loved it since my first search and over the years, instead of the honeymoon waning, my feelings have grown. Aside from being the numero uno search engine, Google has a myriad of other very useful features.

I’ve taught a class called Do You Google? and I will bet that most of the people who walked in the door for the class thought, “I know how to use Google.” Well, they did know how to do a keyword search, but they had no clue about many of the other features. When they left, they thanked me for enlightening them and making their online searching experience even better. I really didn’t do anything special, just showed them the tricks of the trade.

If you’re merely using Google for searching, click on the More button on Google’s home page and then on Even More. For starters, look at the Web Search Features. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. Go to Google to do math, check flight status, track packages, find a movie, and soooo much more!

Use Picasa to do some minor photo editing and organizing. It helps keep track of all the photos you add to your computer. You can even tag them with a person’s name and bring them up easily by searching within the program.

Google Earth is fun. Check out where you used to or currently live. Not all places show up well. Check out Google Maps and see if a street view is available for your house. On the day they photographed mine, my other half was home for lunch, so the garage door is up and the garbage can was out. 

Want to design a house, a chair, a sculpture? Try Google SketchUp. It’s a mini-CAD program.

Look over the Even More list and try some of the many wonderful options. They’re FREE! Some people are concerned that Google is trying to take over the world. I say let them! They put out a wonderful service and as long as it stays free, I’ll stay on the Google bandwagon. If only I could work for them…


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