Viva Paper Towel

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I know what you’re thinking…paper towels? Seriously? Yes. I have a favorite and I have a favorite for a reason. There is nothing worse than trying to clean up a spill or wash off something with a paper towel that basically shreds as you’re using it and creates more work as you try to pick up all the little pieces. Uh-uh. Not this girl. If you don’t believe me, buy a package of Viva and test it against your brand. Wet a piece and rub it on dark clothing, as if wiping off a mustard drip (or food condiment of choice – glop of jelly, spot of ketchup, puddle of syrup). Then, take your brand and try the same test. If your brand leaves residue, then you know the ‘better picker upper’ and it’s not Bounty (that’s probably the next best thing).

I like the fact that you can shake out a wet Viva towel and it doesn’t take work, like unraveling the other brands. You can actually rinse it out and reuse it (better for the environment, though I’m not talking about saving it for another day,¬†merely for that task).

At work, we try to save money by buying the cheapest paper towels, but even for a task like cleaning white boards, I have to use multiple towels. When I used to clean the computer lab, it was towel after towel, and they disintegrated rapidly. I requested Viva and the roll lasts a lot longer and saves us money. Plus, they do absorb and hold liquids better than the other brands. Sure, another brand may absorb the liquid as you plop a towel on it, but what happens when you try to pick it up? If it drips on the way to the sink, it’s more work for you. Vive la Viva!


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