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I’ll admit it. I have a month’s subscription to Ancestry and when it ends, I’ll be a bit forlorn. I’ve been doing soooo much genealogy research and highly enjoying the process, that I’ll miss our nightly visits. I used to use Family Search, because it’s free, but Ancestry has so much more information. Having access to Census records is the best, because if you know the names, approximate ages, and locations of relatives, it helps point to the correct people. From there, your can flesh out the search by looking at birth places and other people in the household or Google them and the county within a state to find more information.

Why do I find searching for my ancestors so much fun? It’s like a puzzle. I take a blank 5-generation chart, put my name in the first place, add the other people I know, and then accept the challenge of finding the people I don’t know. I have names of ancestors back to 800 A.D. In England. That’s rare. More often, I have relatives back to the 1600s in the U.S.

The monthly is $19.95 and you have to remember to cancel it. You can get the world version for $29.95. I didn’t find it as useful as I hoped.

You can use Ancestry at your local library, but you won’t find all the information available through a personal paid subscription.

I wasn’t done with research, so I added another month. I sure wish the price were more reasonable and more states had their census info online!


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