Wii Fit Plus

June 3, 2010 at 6:11 pm Leave a comment

I’m not much for computer games…yes, I play a few on my phone when I’m killing time, but I’ve never owned a gaming system before buying the Wii Fit Plus in February. I’ve used it for 112 days, and I would have to say that for the most part, I enjoy it.

My primary reason for buying it was to help stay fit and shed a few pounds. I can’t say I’ve lost more than a pound or two, but that’s something. Why do I like the Wii? It makes me move…it’s not sedentary game playing. I have to jog in place, jump, twist, squat, etc. You can even do yoga and strength training.

My favorite games? On the Fit Plus (if you only have the Wii Fit, you can buy the Plus software for $20), I like the snowball throw and the obstacle course the best. I’m on the expert levels, which is kind of sad, because there are no more levels left. I can only improve on my time. I wish they’d add a few more levels. I also like the soccer head-butting, the Segway, and the hula hoop. Which games frustrate me to no end? The lazy river bubble, the table tilts, ski jump, and the upper level of the tightrope. One of the reasons I haven’t been a video game player, is because I get easily frustrated. I don’t get why one day I can get through the obstacle course with no slip-ups and other times, I can’t get to the end before the time runs out.

But, it is a good way to get some exercise. In the beginning, I was working up a sweat and now, not really, so I will have to increase the time I work out or add other exercise…like the boring treadmill. Ugh. Please, Wii, make more games that use the balance board!


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