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Can one realllly have too many shoes? I don’t think so. If I lived in Hawaii, I wouldn’t need as many, but I don’t, so I need to have winter shoes and summer shoes. And most men just don’t understand why. Well, take black shoes for instance. I need at least two pairs of loafer or slip-ons to wear with slacks, a pair of pumps with a low heel (comfort), a pair of pumps with a higher heel, a pair of casual heels that can be worn with slacks, a pair of dressy sandals, a pair of casual sandals, and black flip flops. If I toss a pair of black linen or fabric heels in the mix, that’s about nine pairs, just in black.

Which brands do I like? I’m alllll about comfort. In the old days, I’d buy ‘cute’ shoes. It was allllll about the look. Not anymore. If they don’t feel comfortable the moment my heel is engaged, they are back in the box. My new rule of thumb…if they’re not comfy in the store, they won’t be when I get them home. My favorite brands at the moment are Circa Joan and David, Clark’s, Naturalizer, Aerosoles, Croft and Barrow, Reef, and Havianas. I’d prefer to go barefoot, but that’s just not an option.

I’m still waiting for the day when someone makes a truly comfortable and attractive heel , but I think it’s pretty close to impossible, especially for someone who rarely wears them.

I was just looking at my favorite blogger, Pioneer Woman’s website, and she had a pair of Sperry Topsiders on one of her pages. Funny…because I STILL have the pair I bought back in the 80s, when they were allll the rage. Don’t know why I hung onto to them, as I generally purge my collection from time to time, but I did. I guess I realized they’d come around again and because I take good care of my shoes, they’re in decent shape. Gee, they’re practically a collector’s item!

Speaking of old shoes, I still have a pair of NY Transit shoes that I’ve had since the 80s, too. I got them from Spiegel and they were too tight, but I just thought they’d stretch. Famous last words from lots of shoe sales people…”Oh, they’ll stretch.” Some shoes just don’t, even if they’re leather. These didn’t, but because they were cool and had zippers and straps, I stuffed my feet into them time and time again. Now, I have a Morton’s Neuroma on my right foot and I can trace the pain back to those hip, but painful shoes. Yes, I still have the box and even the receipt. They were the most expensive pair of shoes I had ever purchased…$62.00.

My NY Transit shoes from the 80s


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