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Okay, so I’ve been trying some new products lately and I REALLY like Method. Their bathroom cleaner, which is supposed to be safer for the environment than typical cleaning products, took hair spray off the counter! Normally, even with my beloved Comet spray, I had to use Soft Scrub or alcohol or Arm and Hammer baking soda in addition to it. Not with Method. One spray, a few wipes with a sponge, and everything is spotless. Amazing. AND, I love the fragrance!

I bought their liquid hand soap, to test it over my tried and true, Softsoap, and I do like it. I got the pink grapefruit fragrance. Did you know the scent of grapefruit is supposed to help you lose weight? If that works for you, let me know. Anyway, I got a free sample of Method’s laundry soap (with the hand soap) and tried it. The rest of the night, I kept trying to figure out what the fragrance reminded me of and I couldn’t. It was the Fresh Air scent and it’s lovely. It’s not overly scented, but enough so I noticed it, and I was thinking about dabbing some behind my ears. 🙂  Their laundry soap is one of the most expensive on the market, but I’d pay more for the scent alone.

I’ve also tried Method’s toilet bowl cleaner (nice fragrance and it does the job), and their version of Soft Scrub, which again, in addtion to the fragrance, works well. Speaking of toilets, one of the most interesting books I’ve read in a while is The Big Necessity by Rose George. It opened my eyes to the lack of toilets in the world and what that means to our culture. It’s why so many people around the world are still getting sick from ‘outdoor’ toilet habits.

A quote about the book, “In the early twenty-first century, when surgery can be done microscopically and human achievement seems limitless, 2.6 billion people lack the most basic thing that human dignity requires. Four in ten people in the world have no toilet. They must do their business instead on roadsides, in the bushes, wherever they can. Yet human feces in water supplies contribute to one in ten of the world’s communicable diseases. A child dies from diarrhoea (British spelling) – usually brought on by fecal-contaminated food or water – every 15 seconds.” That’s very sad.

Back to Method products – two young guys started this line because they knew they could make products that weren’t toxic, did the job, and had a nice scent. I’m joining the ‘people against dirty.’

Update: I’m loving the laundry scent. I did get it on sale last week at Target, so I stocked up. It’s such a small bottle, but says it does 50 loads. No need to lug a big bottle anymore. And I tried the window cleaner and it did a fab job. Beat my old standby – Sparkle, and even my homemade cleaner of water/vinegar/dish liquid. Gotta love it!

P.S. I’ve also tried some of the Mrs. Meyer’s products and I’d have to say that I like Method better. I’m currently using Mrs. Meyer’s dish detergent and it seems like it’s gone ‘off’ in fragrance. Not good.

P.S.S.  Oh, my…I’ve been using the Method bathroom spray on my fiberglass tub, and it doesn’t make it shine the way Comet spray does. I’m surprised by this. It almost looks like it’s not cleaning it, but it sure works on the sinks.

P.S.S.S. 4/7/11 Method chose me as one of the Special Agents Against Dirty! I got four bottles of their new Wood Cleaner spray – three to give away and one to keep! Excellent. I’ve given two away to friends and the last will go to my brother, who has a home with cedar walls and shelving. If anyone can use it, he can. It has a pleasant almond scent. I’ve used the wipes in the past and I like the lingering fragrance and the way the wood looks refreshed. I LOVE Method!

P.S.S.S.S. I just tried the body wash and you know what? I think it works better than anti-bacterial soap! I like the minty-freshness of the variety I bought. Gotta love Method! I’ve been telling more people about the virtures of this company and its pleasantly-scented, good for the environment, and hard-working products. I’m looking forward to their creating a skincare and hair line.


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