Silicone Pot Holders

silicone grabber silicone grip WDYI love these things! Gone are the days when I’d burn my hands from cloth potholders, even heavy duty ones from Williams-Sonoma. There was nothing worse than having a cloth potholder that would get a bit wet and then, when I’d use it, the heat from the pan being removed from the oven would cause the wet spot to steam and burn me even more. Totally annoying. But, now that I have a variety of silicone options, I don’t have those issues anymore. Plus, if you get something on them, they’re simple to wash and come clean every time. They’re even dishwasher safe.

Which ones do I like? I started out with the square ones that have bumps on them, but they are a bit unwieldy. If you’re not careful with those, you can still get burned, because they don’t form to your hand very well. I still use them, but as trivets for hot pans. My preference is for the small ones that slip over your fingers and them. They have bumps on them to help diffuse the heat and they grip really well. I love them! I also love my new iron skillet protector. No more burned hands from the handle getting too hot.

It’s sad, but all those cute colored loom, crocheted, or washcloth style potholders may look nice, but I no longer have burns from using them. Give me the silicone! By the way, there are some cutesy styles with ears and eyes, but I’d probably avoid them, as they may get in the way.

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The Incredible Dr. Pol

I do not watch a ton of TV, as you know, but while exercising or taking a break on the weekends, I do like to veg and catch some shows I find interesting. Dr. Pol on Nat Geo Wild is one of them. As a kid, I wanted to be a veterinarian, until I found out I’d have to spend at least seven years in college…since I wasn’t fond of school in the first place, I nixed that idea. This show, about a Michigan vet grabbed my interest right away. It’s my way of seeing what I’ve been missing out on.

What is the show about? Dr. Pol’s practice. His wife runs the office, and his son Charles produces and acts as his sidekick helper. Dr. Brenda and Dr. Sandra are other vets in the practice and we often see them on the job. What’s interesting about his practice? It’s more than animals coming in for shots. It’s about a wide variety of office visits, everything from routine visits to his seeing an alligator. He has amazing skills with diagnosing all manner of illnesses, and as a result, you start to pick up tips on animal behavior, which has always been of interest to me.

The part of the show I like the best are the farm visits. It’s shocking to see the number of cows that can’t deliver calves or have twisted stomachs. I had no idea those things happen on a daily basis. Dr. Pol can generally tell right away what’s going on and it often involves using the calf puller to extract a baby or a needle and thread to tie a stomach to the hide so it can’t get twisted again. Dr. Pol has no fear of animals and thinks absolutely nothing of sticking his arm into a uterus to tell if an animal is pregnant or to check the condition of a calf during labor.

What have I learned? Holding a cow’s tail up in the air will help keep it from backing up on you. If you have a cow with a twisted stomach, roll it over. If your cow or horse is in labor and nothing is happening, don’t wait too long to call the vet – call within a day or two. If the cow is not willing to get up…call the vet. Look at an animals gum color, if it’s really pale, that’s a problem…call the vet. Keep your animal’s vaccinations up to date.

Aside from learning more about animals, it’s entertaining. I love Dr. Pol’s laugh and his Dutch accent. Charles also adds a lot of levity to the show.

Two other animal shows I like are Shear Madness about Natalie Redding and her sheep farm, and anything with Cesar Millan. He is amazing with dogs! He can watch them for a little while and tell what’s going on with them and what to do to correct behavior. Bottom line…your dog should not be the pack leader in your household. And…I just saw there’s a new series coming about a vet in the Yukon…you know what that means…another show for the old DVR.

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Kroger Creamy Almond Butter

In my effort to eat healthier, I have been doing a lot of smoothies, mostly made from fruit and veg, but a few suggest adding almond butter. I tried Trader Joe’s a long time ago and found it difficult to swallow, not literally, but figuratively. It just was sticky and I didn’t care for the somewhat blandĀ flavor. As a result, I was skeptical of trying any others. I know I probably should see if I can get fresh ground from Whole Foods or make my own, but I thought I’d give a jarred product another try. I’m glad I did.

Kroger’s version is very tasty and smooth. I was thinking it would be higher in calories than the Trader Joe’s, but it wasn’t. Both are 190 calories per two tablespoons, but Kroger’s actually has 10 fewer fat calories, but then, theĀ Kroger brand has 1 more gram of sugar. I figured that, since it tasted better.

I haven’t tried it in a smoothie yet. Today, when I was looking for something to eat, I ate 1 teaspoon to take the edge off my hunger. It’s good right off the spoon and satisfying. It’s no Nutella, but a better choice when you’re trying to lose weight.

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Crest Glide Comfort Plus Dental Floss

I know…going to the dentist is not fun. And going to the dentist and having him/her ask, “Do you floss?” is one of those questions many people fib about. Did you know the dentist can see your nose grow? So, Pinocchio, there’s a way to end those little, white lies…Crest Glide Mint Floss.

Flossing is somewhat annoying. If you’re not careful, you can pop down into your gum, which leaves your mouth sore. If you don’t do it well enough, it’s almost like not doing it at all. You do need to gently run down the side of each tooth and into the tissue that supports it, but carefully. There’s almost nothing worse than a sore mouth.

Why do I like the Crest Glide? It’s smooth. It easily glides between my teeth, unlike some of the floss I’ve used, which tears and shreds and gets stuck between my teeth. That’s worse than not flossing at all. And I do prefer the minty flavor over no flavor. It’s one reason I floss more often.

Here’s a link from Oral B on how to floss properly –

You can use dental picks or those devices that hold the floss for you, but I find the old-fashioned method works best for me.

I know this site is all about my favorite things, but one of my pet peeves is a hygienist who basically wraps the floss around her and jumps into your mouth. Noooo, the object isn’t to rip my gums in two. The hygienist I have now if perfect. She does a great job cleaning my teeth and is gentle with the floss.

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Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers

Okay…so I’m not telling a lot of people I actually eat these, but I’ll tell you. I LOVE the Fruit + Veggie Peach-Mango Flavor. What are they? Sauce in a squeezie tube. It’s a quick way to have something sweet that’s mostly good for you. Each tube has 1 1/2 servings of fruits and vegetables. A bit high in sugar and they really could do with a bit less sweetness, but it’s a tasty snack.

I also LOVE GoGo Squeeze applesauce, but when I took it to work, a co-worker chided me for eating ‘baby food.’ It’s not baby food. It’s applesauce without the mess. Remove the lid and squeeze it into your mouth. Don’t really want all of it at once? Screw the lid on and refrigerate. But really, you can easily suck these down in nothing flat. It’s the same for the Del Monte Fruit Burst. In fact, when I’m done with the Peach-Mango, I work that tube like a toothpaste tube to get every last drop out of it. It’s sooooo yummy.

And…I don’t care if I look like a toddler eating it.

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My new favorite cookie

As you already know, if you read my blog, I love cookies. I’m quite annoyed of late, as I found out that I have high blood pressure. What does that mean? More exercise and fewer treats, which include Trader Joe’s Toasted Coconut Cookie Thins. They are light and crispy and really are thin, which is why you can eat eight of them per serving.

How many calories in a serving? 130. No trans fat, but total fat content is 4.5 and there are 10 g of sugar. No vitamins to make this healthy, but iron is 4%. And I need iron. Actually, I just ate one. And one is my treat. It’s quite sad, since they are good enough to eat an entire sleeve of them. My friend Susan used to say that about Girl Scout cookies. She’d nibble one and pretty soon, the whole sleeve was nothing but a crinkly cellophane shell. I could say that about these, but I am really trying to get the old BP down without meds.

So, if you don’t have high blood pressure and aren’t worried about calories or have lots of restraint, I can recommend these tasty morsels. You can get them via Amazon, if you don’t have a local Trader Joe’s.

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I find myself getting sucked into hours of TV when the Olympics are on. I generally like sports like gymnastics, speed skating, and figure skating, but I will actually sit and watch pretty much whatever is on…including curling or hockey. I pretty much just start rooting for the home team, though I did like the Dutch sweep in speed skating and the young Japanese figure skater, Yuzuru Hanyu. There are plenty of sports that are surprisingly interesting to watch. Who knew I’d like skeleton?

I was quite disappointed that Shani Davis didn’t do better. I sat there watching lots of other stuff last night, because I didn’t want to miss his race. I was hopeful he’d place in the 1500. I guess it wasn’t the suit. It was sad to Evgeni Plushenko drop out. He coulda been a contenda! And it was most disheartening to see Katie Uhlaender not make the podium…stop and think about how we let seconds go by and think nothing of it, but in her race, infinitesimal time is everything. Athletes work for years and years and these moments are over in a heartbeat.

What I find interesting is that so few people I know are even watching at all. Most people, when I ask, just shrug and say they’re not interested. I was thinking maybe I was in the wrong by wanting to watch. So much money is poured into the venues that may end up ghost towns, which is sad, but for a short while every few years, we get to experience a beautiful show and some mighty fascinating athleticism. It’s a time when most of the world comes together in peace to strut their stuff.

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